[0:00:00] Emily: Hi there friend and welcome to this week’s episode of the R. F. W. P. I’m Emily

[0:00:06] Lois: and I’m lois

[0:00:09] Emily: we’re so glad that you’re here today and tuning in. We like to jump into our micro choice for this week. What do you have? What’s your micro joy this week? Lewis.

[0:00:23] Lois: Um, I think my micro joy this week is the fact that I am in colorado. This week.

[0:00:31] Emily: I’m a

[0:00:32] Lois: colorado for work, but I always love coming out, I love the mountains and um, got to walk around a little bit tonight and see the Garden of the Gods, which is one of my favorite places in the world. So, um, so yeah, that’s my micro joy where I am right now.

[0:00:51] Emily: That’s incredible. Um, my micro joy is, well, I’m in Nevada actually,

[0:00:59] Lois: we’re so far apart

[0:01:02] Emily: still and my brother in law is keeping me supplied with all of the dad jokes. He even added me to a dad jokes facebook group so I can, so I want to give you one ready.

[0:01:24] Lois: Um Am I ready for a bad joke? Yeah. Okay. I think I’m prepared.

[0:01:31] Emily: What kind of person was boaz before he got married? Gosh,

[0:01:39] Lois: I’m so afraid to ask boaz before he got married.

[0:01:45] Emily: Yeah. He was ruthless.

[0:01:48] Lois: Bad.

[0:01:54] Emily: I don’t know if anybody else is gonna laugh because it’s it’s almost midnight where you’re at and but it’s funny to me tonight.

[0:02:02] Lois: That’s funny. That’s funny. Maybe I just have the giggles but I actually have not heard that dad joke how that one. He was ruthless. He was ruthless. Yeah,

[0:02:18] Emily: it’s legit.

[0:02:20] Lois: That’s funny. I’ll tell your brother in law that um that was actually a pretty decent dad joke. Yeah.

[0:02:32] Emily: He’s he’s been on a roll today. Yeah. And then are quote this week is poetic.

[0:02:42] Lois: Mhm. I know.

[0:02:43] Emily: I read it to you before we hit record. Just a little more serious, but

[0:02:48] Lois: it is a little bit more serious, but I love it because I think it goes it’s a great segue into what

[0:02:56] Emily: we’re talking about today. Yeah. So it’s written by Bethany rex and it’s titled beaches. It goes, sometimes it’s not rest you need or space or even a heavy cry in your most secret place. Sometimes all you really need is the love found in a friend’s tight embrace, a reminder that someone knows exactly what you need just by singing your face and the tone of the words you say,

[0:03:34] Lois: that’s good. And and I love the fact that that quote has the word just by knowing the word knowing because you’re going to talk about that lot today and what that really means prescription. Yeah, it’s perfect. But before we get into the episode, um I’m pretty sure we have some open mic minute moments.

[0:04:04] Emily: That’s right. This week’s prompt is What is something that you left behind when you left the FBI whether a mindset a belief or like you said maybe you burnt your coup lots on your way

[0:04:20] Lois: out. Yeah. And and guess what?

[0:04:25] Emily: We didn’t get anybody

[0:04:27] Lois: that burnt their coup lots. I was like really looking for a campfire with a bunch of cotton and polyester cool lots thrown in. But nobody told us that they ceremoniously burned their coup lots or they’re ankle length jean skirt or anything like that.

[0:04:52] Emily: No they were they were actually really serious like mindsets and stuff. Really important stuff.

[0:05:00] Lois: Yeah but they’re good. I like I like what we heard and I can’t wait for all of our listeners to hear.

[0:05:10] Emily: Yeah let’s roll it

[0:05:11] Lois: and let’s do it.

[0:05:14] Emily: Well

[0:05:14] Lois: guys, we want to thank you for responding to the prompts and uh we would love for you to go to our website and have some more things to say about an open mic minute.

[0:05:29] Emily: It’s always great to hear where you’re at and kind of learn from you guys too,

[0:05:35] Lois: definitely. And thanks for the emails that we’ve been receiving, some of you sharing your stories and kind of where you are, and that means a lot to us and Emily, why don’t you tell them our email address to remind them where they can reach out?

[0:05:53] Emily: So go to Sister Secret dot com to leave your own response to this upcoming prompt. And then hello at Sister seeker dot com is our email. So something that’s been on Both of our hearts has been psalm 1:39 and we just want to go through it and talk about what stands out to each of us, and I’m sure it’s going to be a blessing because it is just scripture and it’s so comforting from really the heart of our father for us.

[0:06:32] Lois: Yeah. And I will tell you just straight up Emily, I’m so excited that we’re going through some 1:39 tonight and obviously we won’t be able to hit everything because there is so much to this passage. But when I was in a really, really dark place, a really tough place, a place where I didn’t even want to pick up my bible on those few days within that huge stretch of months that I did pick up my bible. The only thing that I could handle reading Was someone 39. Mm and it became super precious to me of David’s writing. So I’m so glad we’re digging into this tonight.

[0:07:24] Emily: Yeah, it’s it’s just so good. What I did today was just opened up my bible app and put it on repeat. I love listening to the bible being read. Maybe it’s the season of Life I’m in, but it just, certain things stand out and it feels like kind of a big picture view because you know how you get distracted listening to something and then he kind of reels you back in. It’s interesting to notice what stands out each time through. Listen to it,

[0:07:54] Lois: right? And I think when you listen to it in different versions, um different things are brought to your mind, different things stand out and and I think that’s beautiful. I loved listening to Mark Ward recently on the RFP podcast in this series on the different modern translations. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it explained as well, intellectually and aesthetically beautifully as Mark Ward did. So it just um tonight we’re going to read this passage. We’re going to start out reading the passage because I don’t think we can sit here and talk about someone 39 if we’re not reading it. I know you’ve been reading um in one of your new bibles. The CSB

[0:08:57] Emily: right? Yeah. It’s

[0:09:00] Lois: been tonight. We’re going to read out of the E. S. B. English standard version. And so we’re gonna start reading someone 39. So maybe you um are near your bible or your bible app And if you want to pop it open and follow along with us, we’re just going to take about 2.5 3 minutes and read the passage and then we’re gonna jump into it. How is awesome? Good deal. You want me to start Emily or you want to start?

[0:09:30] Emily: I do not have a preference nor make a decision.

[0:09:34] Lois: Okay, I’ll start. You guys ready. Alright. Here we go psalm 1 39. Starting a verse one. Oh Lord! You have searched me and known me. You know when I sit down and when I rise up, you discern my thoughts from afar. You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways even before. Words on my tongue behold, oh Lord! You know it all together, you, him me in behind him before, and lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me. It is high. I cannot attain it.

[0:10:18] Emily: Where shall I go from your spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence? If I ascend to heaven, you are there! If I make my bed and she’ll, you are there! If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea. Even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me! If I say surely the darkness shall cover me, and the light about me be night! Even the darkness is not dark to you the night as bright as the day, for darkness is as light with you.

[0:10:55] Lois: For you formed by inward parts. You knitted me together in my mother’s womb, and I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made wonderful are your works. My soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance in your book. Were written every one of them. The days that were formed for me, when as yet there were none of them! How precious to me are your thoughts? Oh, God! How vast is this! Some of them! If I would count them, they are more than the sand. I am awake and I am still with you.

[0:11:47] Emily: Oh! That you would slay the wicked! Oh, God! Oh, men of blood depart for me. They speak against you with malicious intent. Your enemies take your name in vain. Do I not hate those who hate you? Oh, Lord. And do I not low those who rise up against you? I hate them with complete hatred. I count them. My enemies search me. O God! And know my heart try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any grievous way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.

[0:12:23] Lois: I love that passage.

[0:12:28] Emily: It’s so beautiful.

[0:12:30] Lois: It is, it’s beautiful until we get to about 1st 19. Yeah. And I get tickled. So, I just kinda wanna talk about that real quick and then we’ll start back from the beginning. But I get tickled because you’ve got this beautiful ver bage from David and he is a true psalmist and he’s just writing his emotions and he’s just talking about how phenomenal God is and and we get down here to this, I awake and I’m still with you. And it’s something, it’s almost like something clicks in his brain. And all of a sudden he has to go into this. He’s got to defend God because he’s thinking about how phenomenally is. And then he goes into, why don’t you just take these guys out? You know, slay the wicked, They speak against you, your enemies take your name in vain. You know, I hate these guys, right? I hate them. And and then he’s like, I hate them with a complete hatred and I count them my enemies. And then he gets diverse 23 and he says, search me O God and know my heart try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any grievous way in me. If there is like I’m praising you and all of a sudden man, I get ticked at these guys who are messing with my God. So yeah, I want to just start there and then we can go back to the beginning.

[0:14:12] Emily: Yeah, listening to it today. That definitely stands out when amongst the rest of it. And I think it’s really fun to note that he can just be real with

[0:14:26] Lois: God,

[0:14:28] Emily: but it never says that God is hating the people that he’s hating. No,

[0:14:34] Lois: it doesn’t. But I get tickled every time I get to the apart and I think I do get tickled because I can totally relate. I can be in just this matter of, you know, just, oh God is so good and, and he’s walked me through so much and what a phenomenal god. And then I hear something and I’m like, I hear something else and I get distracted and I’m like, man, if these people weren’t acting this way we wouldn’t have to be dealing with, why don’t you just take them out? Great? I’m sorry. You know, that’s just some real talk. It’s true

[0:15:15] Emily: though. We get we get so um we get so gracious that we get angry at people who weren’t being gracious. Uh

[0:15:26] Lois: huh uh huh. So if you go back to the beginning, that very first verse when he starts talking, he says, Lord, you have searched me and known me. I did a little research on that. And according to some scholars, the word me, the second word me, Lord, you have searched me and known me was not in the original language. Now if somebody finds that, that’s not true, let me know because I don’t want to be sharing something that’s not true. But it that it was added in the english version so that we could better understand. But really that word known is the word Yoda. It’s the most intimate Knowledge of someone. And so basically it says zero Lord you have searched and you know like you’re saying to a friend girl, you know or dude, you know like I don’t even have to tell you you know what’s going on. It’s that kind of knowledge.

[0:16:54] Emily: I think the first thing that stands out to me letting this psalm be a comfort is that it’s a blessing that God knows. And I know I’ve said this about Hagar but it’s not a scary thing that God has searched us. Mhm. Yeah. He knows he knows the cobwebs inside of my heart, he knows my shortcomings and it doesn’t seem to faze him. Yeah,

[0:17:25] Lois: it doesn’t move him away from us. Mhm. And I love the fact that the word known and every time the word no is in here, it’s that most intimate knowledge, I love that it’s Yoda. Because then later, I don’t know if you remember a few years ago or several years ago, you know, we have these different Burbage is that we use when we’re talking to somebody and I think like now I hear, you know, I’m like so true because you and I say that a lot or will say absolutely well years ago, several years ago, it was like, so we, you know we were talking I was moving down the street and whatever yada yada yada. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard anybody say yada yada yada. Well, you’re basically saying, you know, you know, you know, So that’s just more of it. Yeah, it’s more of just intimate. And then he says, you know, when I sit down and when I rise up, you know, so, those first four verses, Emily, it’s establishing how much he knows us. And so it’s like we’re known by him more intimately than anybody else. And then if you jump over to verse um, 18 and the last part of it says, I awake and I am still with you, mm You know, how many times can that be said about as we really get to know somebody or they really, really get to know us in a stronger way um, in our humanness. Sometimes when we really get to know somebody, then later they’re there, they’re not there anymore. Something happens. The relationship is not there. the friendship is not there. Now, granted sometimes that needs to be the case because you know Maybe that friendship or relationship is is not a healthy one. So it shouldn’t stay there. But God the father knows us in every way and he’s still there. Right mm. So what do you think about that next set of versus that start you hemmed me in behind and before me, you lay your hand upon me And then basically verse six says it’s too wonderful for me. Like if I can just verbalize it this way, it’s like I can’t handle this, this is like it blows my mind. Yeah. Exactly. Uh huh.

[0:20:26] Emily: Great. I can’t even wrap my mind around it. I think it’s like how I would say it thinking about the protection that God has for us and that he’s always he’s not just in me and knows me, he’s all around me. Mhm. That’s so comforting to me. But when I start to wander or stray, he’s still protecting me and surrounding me and covering me,

[0:21:02] Lois: I guess. Right, right. So I’m going to ask a tough question. So, if in those verses like versus five through 12 that we see, you know, it’s very clear that he surrounds us, we can’t ever be out of his sight. Even says if I take the wings in the morning and I dwell in the uttermost part of the seat, even there, your hand will guide me or leave me. You know, if I get in darkness and I’m like, well, surely he can’t see me here. Even darkness is light with him. So here’s a tough question. If we’re surrounded by him, if he sees us and he knows exactly where we are, which he does. Somebody reading this passage that Either one is not a believer or two, they’ve been through such deep sorrow or pain as a believer. How do we explain to them that if I take the wings of the morning and I dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there, your hand shall lead me. You’re still there. Mhm.

[0:22:31] Emily: I don’t like to rush past this question at all because I think people have to wrestle with it for themselves. But even if you don’t feel like he’s there, he is there with you in it. And it’s not he didn’t put you there. But it makes me remember hills and valleys that Torin well sings on the mountain. I will lift my eyes to the one who put me there in the valley. I will lift my eyes to the one who sees me there. I didn’t I didn’t put us through this, but he’s going to meet us in it anyway. Yeah.

[0:23:17] Lois: Because this wasn’t his original plan. You know, when sin came into the world as we know, it brought Brokenness, It brought pain. People have their own free will and things happen. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that when painful things happen, that he is still there. You know, Because you hear people say, well, where was God when this happened? And where was he when this happened? And I think that’s Mhm. I think that’s when we have to go two, like you said, when we don’t feel that when we don’t see it, we have to go to what we know to be true about God, even though it doesn’t feel true about him in the moment. Does that make

[0:24:13] Emily: sense? Yeah. Even this week, I feel like God reeled me back in again on a couple of things because I’ve learned to question and it’s really cool like learning. But realizing that I can trust him again, like over and over being reminded that he is trustworthy. This is what I love to. I teach and talk about is God’s character is trustworthy and when we filter everything through that, we might not get the answers yet, but we can rest and know that no matter what the answer is, it aligns with his character, which I don’t want to again, I don’t want to just slap this on there, but his character is good. So if it doesn’t feel good, just wait it out. Let’s, you know, sit in it a little bit longer or maybe take a break from it. But you can trust his character.

[0:25:22] Lois: Yeah. And I know for you because we’ve talked about your story and you just shared recently in one of our episodes. Just some really if I could put it raw footage basically about where you were regarding church and the fact that you are having a really hard time trusting. I think that we we have a hard time. Well, let me back up and say it this way. I believe that too many times and understandably so because we’re human, we allow the things that have happened to us from other people where the distrust is created, whether it’s been in a major thing or a minor thing, whether it’s been in a betrayal or somebody’s dealt with abuse or whatever when that trust gets broken, because we are so human and tangible people, it is hard for us to envision a complete and trustworthy God when the people around us have broken our trust.

[0:26:39] Emily: Yeah. We do project onto God a lot of times and that’s what we have to spend a lot of time healing is what am I projecting onto God. That is not his from authority figures or people around us that have um messed up. Yeah,

[0:27:00] Lois: I love this part that says um In verse 12, even the darkness is not dark to you. The night is bright as the day. For darkness is as light with you. Okay, so I’m gonna ask you to do something that I that I didn’t say anything about before. But um if you’ve got your CSB with you, I would love to hear you read vs 11 and 12 in the CSB.

[0:27:38] Emily: Mhm. If I say surely the darkness will hide me and the light around me will be night. Even the darkness is not dark to you. The night shines like the day. Darkness and light are alike to you.

[0:27:53] Lois: You know? I’ve heard this illustration before, I’ve seen it, but when when I think about that, I think about um maybe hanging a a blackout curtain across the window that the light is shining through. Um and then you realize somewhere in the middle of this black curtain, there’s a tiny pinhole and even this little tiny pinhole, there is light shining through it. I think sometimes life feels that way. It feels like there’s been a blackout curtain hung on the window of life. And we feel like we are in the dark and then there’s just this tiny light that breaks through that tiny hole. Just to remind us that there’s Hope you are not alone. There is hope you are not in the dark by yourself. And so when you say shines as bright as the day. To me, that’s that passage just reminds me that even in the Darkest times he is still there with us, right? He’s still there with us. He’s still speaking over our lives. He’s you know,

[0:29:36] Emily: can I ask you the same question, I guess what, what makes this passage so comforting to you in the darkness? In the specific situation where you struggled to pick up your bible and couldn’t because you were angry with God. You were angry with the situation. But you could find comfort here.

[0:30:14] Lois: I don’t know that it’s anything more profound than anybody else who loves the songs would say. But um yeah, it was in a season where there had been betrayal um from some people that we had, you know, ministered with and just or two. And just a lot of things were coming down at once and I was in a season of depression. I I know that you know this, but I haven’t shared necessarily with everybody. I don’t think that, you know, that I have dealt with depression on and off most of my life didn’t realize it till later, that that’s what I was dealing with because, you know, you just if your spiritual enough you don’t deal with depression, right? And of course I’m being sarcastic about that because I don’t believe that for one minute. But um I think for me, Mhm. Because the because David and the other soul mists where there weren’t like a ton of other psalms. But I think the fact that David in his writing is so just transparent and raw and this is how I’m honestly feeling. Um drew me in and as I just read this passage over and over and over, I think it finally began to sink in that I’m completely known by the father. I’m completely surrounded by the father. You know, And then when we get into that next section, yeah, I am uniquely created by the father, you know?

[0:32:12] Emily: Right?

[0:32:13] Lois: So I think it was just his transparency, the fact that he was just raw and honest and um, and he was a man after God’s own heart. So I’m like if David can be that candid with God and God, um divinely inspired the book of psalms and it made the cut, so to speak, to be in in the bible, in the collective books of the bible, then there’s a pretty good chance that I can be that candid and honest with God in a dark season. And um, he’s not going anywhere. And I will tell you that while I was going through that season, where this book, this passage became so important to me, um, you know, we were on staff at a church. And so when you were supposed to be ministering to other people, and you’re walking through a really dark place, um where else do you go? I have nowhere else to go. But the father. Right. So, well, that answers your question.

[0:33:31] Emily: I think it does. I feel like I jumped maybe from your question take into the next Section where 1st 14 stands out to me that I have my CSP open now. But yeah, it’s just I will praise you because I have been remarkably and wondrously made. And that last part, your works are wondrous. And I know this very well. Like I know, yeah, you’re you’re amazing. And I still stand in all of that. It’s just that transition out, like, this is dark, this is hard. But I know very well. Yeah,

[0:34:23] Lois: that’s good. And I love, you know, because the the S. B. And I’m not really sure, but I think even the King James version says fearfully and wonderfully made. I love the fact that the CSB says that I am remarkably made. You know, that were just, oh my goodness. That’s remarkable. That’s incredible. That’s um that’s just a beautiful picture to me of what God did. And then when it when it talks about um This words in verse 13 and 15, words like you knitted me together, you know, I was intricately woven yeah, in in the depths of the earth. Um and your eyes saw my unformed substance. I know that these verses get used for a lot of things which um to stress the importance of life. And and I 100 believe that, but I also believe that right here, it just reminds us that he’s known us from the time that we were just conceived. I mean, he knew us before that, but just he’s known us that along. That just blows my mind.

[0:36:09] Emily: Yeah. I I don’t know if I have anything to comment on that. It’s just crazy. Like at the beginning we said, uh, what was that too wonderful for me? Just

[0:36:21] Lois: yeah, blows my mind. But when you read that part that my soul knows it very well, um, again, we have that intimate knowledge. The word no, known the Yoda is the most. So not only does God know me very well, but what David is saying, he’s saying my soul like down deep in my soul. Even when I may not act like it. Even when I don’t really see what’s going on. Even when I Get angry at people down in verse 19 through 20 to read my my soul knows that your works are wondrous. I love that. Mm You know, I really hope that this that this passage is encouraging our listeners as much as it’s encouraging me just to be able to sit here and talk through it with you.

[0:37:26] Emily: I loved it. This fact that not only does God know us, but somehow the almighty God creator who spoke everything into existence makes himself knowable. He allows us to know him. Like I don’t I don’t understand, we don’t he could just rule with an iron fist. I mean, he doesn’t have any obligation to lead the way that he does with love and grace and kindness and yeah,

[0:38:09] Lois: relationship. He could have act like he could have acted like um lot of people in in your background and my background and ruled with an iron fist And Exactly. We won’t get into that tonight. Maybe we should. I don’t know

[0:38:30] Emily: just that he wants relationship with us. I don’t I can’t fathom it.

[0:38:37] Lois: Yeah, I love it. And then it says um in your book were written every one of them, the days that were formed for me when as yet, there were none of them. Like you hear people say, well, when it’s your time, it’s your time. Um and they may be saying that off the cuff, but the Lord knows, we don’t necessarily know. Um and I think that passage right there and I’m just going to kind of get serious here for us. I can’t um you know, I shared recently just kind of a timeline of everything that’s happened in the last three years. But that verse right there was very hard for me to wrap my head around when my father died suddenly In September of 2018. Mm that God already knew all of dad’s days, you know? And yes, my dad was In his 80s when he passed away and people say, well, um you know where he lived a long life And yes, I’m I’m aware of that, but I’m human and I missed him and you know, and when I read read and I still missing, but when I read this passage and David is telling God, you know, my days were formed for me before I was even born. Um I really had to just read that and understand because I went through a lot of what if what if we What if we had been in town or what if 911 had been called sooner or what if and got into that cycle? And I think we do that for a lot of things, right? Mhm. Because we’re human. But yeah, I just wanted to mention that experience every time I read that particular verse now Of having my dad passed away in 2018. Um that’s what comes to mind for me there. And so now, here I am two and a half years out. And now that brings me comfort at the time. It was difficult to read, but now it brings me comfort. Does that make sense?

[0:41:17] Emily: Yeah, it does. That’s really kind of God to walk you through that say, you know, it was hard. It was really hard. And then to be able to find comfort in No, glad you knew, I don’t have to wonder anymore. Yeah.

[0:41:37] Lois: And so for our listeners in in this passage, I would just hope that whatever your experiences r right now or have been, I just I just want you to know that um he knows you so well and he is there with you and you are surrounded by him and you were uniquely created by him and for him to bring him glory. And you may be in a season right now where you can’t even imagine how he’s going to use your story because you’re still in the thick of it, or your heart is breaking tonight, or your struggling with a situation or you’re making a decision to walk away from a relationship or or whatever it is that you’re walking through, um he knows and he’s there with you.

[0:42:48] Emily: That’s right. And he is a writer of beautiful stories. And if it does not feel good and if it does not seem beautiful right now, he’s not done writing it.

[0:43:05] Lois: I love the fact that you just said that because I heard that this past year in regards to Romans 8 28, you know, we’ve heard that verse all of our lives and we know that all things work together for good to those that love God to those are called. But it was almost like a um it’s only gonna work out good if you do A B, C and D.

[0:43:30] Emily: Yeah,

[0:43:32] Lois: sure. You know, um and and there’s probably some truth to that because there are a lot of things in scripture where a promise is a promise or a blessing is conditional. And then there are some that are that are not conditional, right? But um I heard that said this past year, all things he is working all things toward his good and that if it’s not there yet, he’s not done writing that story. So I I love the fact that you share that because I’m sure that we’ve got listeners that are they’re not in a good place. They don’t feel like they’re in a good place,

[0:44:15] Emily: right? And we’re not we’re not saying, well just grit your teeth because it’s going to be good. I mean it’s hard. Whatever you might be walking through, you don’t have to just go well on the other side is going to be great. Like I love that you shared uh the story about your dad, how it was it did not feel good at the time. And that verse was troubling and we can sit in that we can lament and grieve. We don’t have to try to push past to get to the other side where it is nice and feels better and relieving God will walk through the hard with us.

[0:45:05] Lois: Yeah. But I love when you get to 1st 17, how precious to me are your thoughts? Oh God, How vast is the sum of them? If I would count them, they are more than the sand. Would you read that in your CSB

[0:45:26] Emily: God, How precious your thoughts are to me. How vast there some is. If I counted them, they would outnumber the grains of sand when I wake up, I am still with you.

[0:45:38] Lois: Yeah. So I live near the beach and I imagine going down to the beach which I have done and looking at the sand and it’s massive. It you know, and this is just one beach. This is not talking about all the sand that’s in the depths of the ocean and the gulf and all of the other oceans and all of the other beaches and all this. And David is literally saying that God’s thoughts about us. He’s saying your thoughts about me, God, if I would count them, there are more than the sand. Mhm. You know, it’s like also in zef an idea. Um chapter three, I think in talking about he is uh it’s the song he’s singing over you. He’s rejoicing over you. Here’s another reminder that God is thinking and David saying your thoughts about me are so precious, Like I cherish them and there’s so many of them, you know? And here’s the crazy thing. Well, if you I’m sure that there is a historian out there, that knows exactly what time this was. But if you think about where David was living, um like nothing else was even discovered. He had no idea how many sands of the seas there were going to be in, how many oceans he just knew he just knew his spot. Right? So that’s so true. Yeah. You know, I heard a story once about um a songwriter and I can’t remember the songwriter’s name, but the songwriter was going through a really, really difficult time and just really struggling just dealing with a serious time of depression. And as a christian songwriter, singer songwriter, and his wife came into his office studio and she just dropped a little baggy of sand on his desk and with it just had the tag Psalm 1 39, 17. So he looked it up, he read, it gets his finger wet and sticks it in the bag of sand. And then just the end of his finger, he meticulously knocks the sand off onto the desk in front of him and then just slowly separates them and counts every grain of sand, wow, just from the tip of the finger, just from the edge of the finger And just from the edge of the finger, he counted 89 grains of sand, wow. Now put that in, that puts it into perspective when David says, how precious to me are your thoughts, if I would count them, they are more than the sand. We’re talking about a fingertip of sand 89 times. God thinks about us. Now, obviously he thinks about us a lot more than that. But in our human minds that puts it into perspective,

[0:49:22] Emily: mm hmm. Yeah it does.

[0:49:24] Lois: And we need to be reminded of that. We needed to be we need to be reminded that he is thinking about us that were cherished by him.

[0:49:34] Emily: Mhm Right. And then after David says this, he goes into his little fit against against God’s enemies. Like God, you’re so amazing how could anybody hate you? And by the way, if they hate you, I hate him to like, I’m on your side, I’m team you.

[0:49:56] Lois: Yes, I’m team you. And he’s like slay him, slay the wicked. You know, I hate them your enemies taking and I loathe those who ride this, who rise up against you. That’s a lot of hate

[0:50:14] Emily: it sure is. Aren’t you glad that God does not answer all of our

[0:50:19] Lois: prayers? Yes, there was a country song a long time ago and it was and I can’t remember who’s saying it. I don’t know if it was Garth brooks or who. I’m sure that Nathan and brian could probably tell me um who the country writer was, but thank God for unanswered prayers. Mm hmm.

[0:50:43] Emily: Mhm Yeah, seriously.

[0:50:48] Lois: And then he says like I hate him with complete hatred, I count them my enemies. And then he ends the passage the way he started basically he starts it you have searched me and you know me. And then he ends the passage with okay, search me again and know my heart No again, is that very intimate knowledge? Try me and know my thoughts. I would love to hear 23 and 24 from the CSB mm

[0:51:28] Emily: Search me God. And know my heart test me and know my concerns. See if there is any offensive way in me. Lead me in the everlasting way.

[0:51:41] Lois: That’s good. You know, I think a lot of times, Emily we don’t We don’t do verse 23 and 24 enough and I’m not being judgmental about it. I’m just saying we at sometimes we we don’t ask God to really search our hearts and two. Um, not only we know that he knows us in a way that nobody else does, but then for him to search us and reveal to us things that are in our heart that we need to take care of, that we need to confess that we need to clean out, that we need to um release. Those are tough things to do. Um, but it’s necessary, Yes, we have God’s grace fully, fully. We have God’s grace and I’m so glad for that, but we’re still human. It’s not going to make him love me anymore if I’m confessing these things, but it is going to clear out my heart, it is going to give more room for the Holy Spirit to speak to me and for me to continue to allow growth in my life. Yeah. So, David starts out, you searched me, You know me? And the ends of the passage with keep searching me, keep knowing me. Let me know when I’ve screwed up,

[0:53:39] Emily: you know? Yes. I think we get afraid of what the Holy Spirit where God will do if he knows hiding it’s easier. But he’s kind and he’s gentle and when he does call us out on something, it doesn’t have to feel like condemnation and a big weight. It can be

[0:54:09] Lois: no, it can be conviction, but it’s not going to be condemnation. No, because he’s already made a way for escape through the cross,

[0:54:17] Emily: right? And it’s yeah, we can let him in on that and let him point it out and clean it out. Like you said,

[0:54:27] Lois: he’s already there, He already knows. But he also gives us a free will. And when we feel the prompting from the Holy Spirit that oh, probably shouldn’t have said that that way. Or, you know, this area, let’s work on this. It’s never a condemning. It is conviction, cleaning comfort, the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.

[0:55:02] Emily: And I fully believe that God never stops speaking to us. Ever. No, but we can, like you said, we can let things inhibit our ability to hear him. And when we open ourselves back up and say search me, no me, uh we can hear it again.

[0:55:21] Lois: Absolutely. And you know, it’s it’s interesting that you say that, that God never stopped speaking to us. Yeah, So let’s break that out a second. You and I, neither one of us are talking about new revelation when we when we talk about God speaking to us, because God speaks to us through his word through prayer, you know, through circumstances, through other believers, he does speak to us. But I have heard some of uh my spiritual mentors from a distance, you know that I that I don’t have a next door neighbor relationship with. But those that I have done their bible studies and all of this that when they share, you know God just shared with me, your God told me dada dada, they are ridiculed and they are called false teachers. There’s a very fine line there um about that and these women that I’m talking about in these men that I’m talking about, they are solid, they are grounded in the word and they are allowing themselves to be heard or two here, the holy spirits prompting in their lives speaking. You know they’re not sitting here saying God audibly gave me a new set of commandments or God gave me no they’re they’re following the prompting of the holy spirit and I’ll be honest I could get hot about it. I am so sick and tired of hearing on twitter on instagram on whatever social media I am so tired of hearing people who love God who love jesus, who believe in the death, burial and resurrection of jesus christ who believe that jesus is the only way to heaven, who believe in all of these core doctrines for salvation and grace by faith get ridiculed right because they say you know God spoke to me and I just feel like I need to share this with you guys today

[0:57:46] Emily: or God for me to do this right, God told me to do this specific thing Sure that can be, I mean it’s been misused in my life for somebody, you know misused God’s word, but that does not mean that we need to downplay that God speaks to me personally like God, I 100% believe God tells me text so and so like yes sir, I have no idea why I’ll say hey hey, so and so how are you today?

[0:58:23] Lois: Right, The holy spirit’s prompting

[0:58:26] Emily: yeah and I am done ignoring it and right where you get hot about these kind of people being bashed, I get grieved by the people who are sitting by going, oh yeah, I guess I can’t hear God’s voice or like downplaying that in their life. Oh, please press in and ask him to speak to you, say, what do you want me to do next?

[0:58:51] Lois: Yeah, When the Holy Spirit came in, the new testament, we see the Holy Spirit throughout the old testament. We see the Holy Spirit um hovering above the waters in creation. The Holy Spirit is there the whole time. But um you know the Holy Spirit came and was always there but came and stepped away so to speak, if I can put it in that type of terminology in the old testament. But when the Holy Spirit came and empowered Jesus in his ministry, in the Resurrection and then Jesus says, I’m sending you, it is good for me to go away because I’m sending you the comforter and he is not going to speak outside of what God the father says or God the Son, it wasn’t like I am sending him to you until the um until paul finishes writing all of his books of the new testament and then after, you know, and then after that, you know? Yeah, it’s not just for that time in the church, I am sending the Holy Spirit to you when we asked jesus christ to come into our heart and forgive us of our sin, the Holy Spirit comes in and lives within us and he is the one who continues the sanctification of our um growth in christ. The Holy Spirit is there, he will not leave us, he cannot leave us because it’s not God’s nature for God, the Holy Spirit two leave us. It’s not in his nature, it’s not going to happen. And I guess I get really, really frustrated because there are people To me that want to take the Holy Spirit put him back in the box and it’s almost like the veil was never torn into. The Holy Spirit was never sent by Jesus after his ascension. That that room with approximately 120 people in it that you know, never had wind and fire come through it. Like in our church right now we’re doing a a study through winning on fire. Um I’m sorry, but if you think that the Holy Spirit only spoke in the new testament and that he does not continue to prompt people today, I don’t know how you’re walking out your faith, these people are not false teachers who are saying the Holy Spirit led me to do something. Mhm. And yes, I know that we’re talking about the Holy Spirit and we started out with someone 39. But where in the world do you think the Holy Spirit was during this time? If you look back in psalm 139 And you go to verse seven, where shall I go from your spirit? Where shall I flee from your presence? If I go to heaven, you’re there, If I go into death or hell you’re there. If I take the wings of the morning and dwell across the sea, even there, your hand will guide me and your right hand will hold me the Spirit God the Father God, the Son God the Holy Spirit three and one if you believe in the trinity, if you believe in the God head and you believe that God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are active and working even today, then you cannot say that um, somebody doesn’t know what they’re talking about. If they say the Holy Spirit shared with me, the Holy Spirit told me I needed texas person. The holy, like you said earlier, the Holy Spirit um told me to come talk to you, I don’t even know you, but I felt led and then you pray with that person and then they open up and say something like thank you for coming and praying with me. Um, I’m getting ready to get on the plane and uh, you know, my, my mother is in the hospital and they don’t know that she’s going to make it till I get there. Like those kinds of instances, mm Those are not coincidences and somebody’s not being wacky. Like who the Holy Spirit spoke to her? You know, I don’t Oh I just can’t, I could just preach for forever on that. I mean,

[1:04:01] Emily: but and we’ve talked about doing a series on the Holy Spirit.

[1:04:07] Lois: Yes, I guess I need to save it.

[1:04:10] Emily: You know I do. You know the song that goes with psalm 1:39?

[1:04:19] Lois: There are a few. I don’t know

[1:04:22] Emily: if I rise on wings of a Dove. If I settle on the far side of the sea, even there, your hand will guide

[1:04:36] Lois: me.

[1:04:37] Emily: Your right hand will hold me fast.

[1:04:42] Lois: Mm

[1:04:44] Emily: that one. This just keeps playing over and over my head all

[1:04:47] Lois: day. I love that.

[1:04:48] Emily: I don’t even remember who sings it. I haven’t looked it up today.

[1:04:55] Lois: I don’t know. There is a new song at our church that actually one of our worship leaders and his wife wrote mm Fun And it’s called Spirit Speak. Mm Spirits Speak. We are listening. We are longing for your word. Like the sun overtakes the night. Let your voice over take this heart. Spirit speak. Mm

[1:05:33] Emily: I think that’s a good place to lend.

[1:05:35] Lois: I do too. And you know what? It ties right into psalm one

[1:05:39] Emily: 39. It does. I think we should link that. Do they have that song on on Youtube or something?

[1:05:47] Lois: Yeah. So the song Spirit Speak, it’s actually um everywhere that you can download music. Mm Oh you know, speaking of music Emily Spirit speakers in my playlist on our website. Oh, there

[1:06:01] Emily: we go. Yes.

[1:06:03] Lois: Okay. So just as we, as we wrap this up, I believe that Psalm 1 39 as it tells us that we are known, we’re surrounded, we’re uniquely created and were cherished by him because we stand in the knowledge and understanding of that. Then, you know we just talked about unity last week and in order to show unity we have to show love. We have to know who we are in christ so that we could share with others. But as we no these things about God then we should be practicing them to others. So when we know who we are in christ and we know how much we’re loved, cherished, surrounded, then we can love others because we are loved. We can cherish others because we are cherished. We can show mercy to others because mercy has been shown to us, we can give grace to others because we have been given Grace. We can forgive others which is tough for me sometimes, but we can forgive others because we have been forgiven and we can value others because we have been valued and are valued by our heavenly father.

[1:07:48] Emily: Thank you. That’s what it all. That’s what it’s all about.

[1:07:52] Lois: Yes. So you can take that. Take psalm 1 39 read it over, listen over and walk in it because it is truth. That is relevant for us today, even though it was written by the psalmist, David, thousands of years ago.