[0:00:00] Lois: everybody and welcome to the R. F. W. P. Podcast. We are so excited that you’re here today. My name is Lois

[0:00:09] Emily: and I’m Emily,

[0:00:10] Lois: we’re so glad you guys are with us this week. And we want to say thank you to everyone who has been listening to our podcast. Yeah,

[0:00:18] Emily: Yeah, It’s so fun. So Emily,

[0:00:21] Lois: do you have something happy that happened this week? Happy that happened.

[0:00:26] Emily: You know what my happy is? I was driving back from Nevada, you know, as in Nevada last week and the scenery on the way back just blew me away. If I hadn’t been the one driving, I would have just had my camera out the whole time. It’s just amazing.

[0:00:44] Lois: Yeah, I love that. And when you were in Nevada, I was in colorado for work. Mm hmm. And again, the scenery is just gorgeous, gorgeous. And that’s a lot for you to say to that. It’s gorgeous. Because like you live in big sky country. Great! So

[0:01:04] Emily: the whole thing was beautiful though. The whole drive

[0:01:07] Lois: well when I was in colorado for work, I actually took two days to do some other things. And one of the things that I got to do was go hiking and climbing with one of my former students in student ministry, a family friend and he is um a student at the Air Force Academy. So I got to go on the Air Force base. Cool. And then he’s like, hey, do you want to take a hike? And I’m Like, sure he’s, he’s 20 and in the air force, I am not. So I said, you know, is this going to be an easy one? He’s like, yeah, it’s moderate, it’s fine. Oh my gosh, there were several times that we were almost completely vertical and I’m hanging onto these rocks. In fact, the last part of it I had to hold on to um well he did too, but the last part of the climb for us to get to the view that we, that he wanted me to see. Um we had to hold uh tethering ropes, climbing ropes to keep up the side,

[0:02:17] Emily: so that’s legit.

[0:02:19] Lois: But but it really was, it really was my happy this past week and the day after I went to the Air Force Academy um I went to one of my favorite places to go. Every time I go to colorado Garden of the Gods, it is the most breathtaking area. Just these gorgeous, huge rocks out of just out of the ground, God’s Creation. It’s gorgeous. And while I was there it was super cool. I took um one of my books that I’m reading right now. I took um my bible just to have some quiet time. It was on sunday and then I took my scripture flips journal and it didn’t even dawn on me. I’m sitting there writing in my scripture flips journal and I remember that I’m sitting here at Garden of the Gods with all these phenomenal rocks coming out of the ground that God created. And the title of my scripture flips journal is um Salvation God is my rock and my salvation. Oh perfect. You know, and so it’s like this is cool. I put it on our story. Mhm On our instagram page. But anyway, so shout out to scripture flips. It was so fun to have that.

[0:03:45] Emily: Yeah. To have the connection. So do you have a quote for us this week?

[0:03:52] Lois: I do. Do you have a quote this week?

[0:03:55] Emily: Just

[0:03:56] Lois: me. Okay. I have so many quotes this week but I can only give you one. I am reading bob Geldof’s book Dream Big mm Because bobby and I’ve been in a place the last three years. You know a little bit of my story or we just stopped dreaming. And so this is just this is being a really great help to us. And I love bob golf. He’s one of my favorite authors. Um He wrote Love Does he wrote everybody always, I just love him. But anyway, I love how he talks about his wife Maria. He always calls her sweet Maria. And I loved this because he was talking about um the things that that he loves about her that she’s quote unquote good at. And he says one of the many things she’s good at is knowing herself and finding joy in her unique set of gifts, abilities and desires. She doesn’t compare her abilities and ambitions to anyone else’s. She knows that God doesn’t compare what he creates.

[0:05:06] Emily: Oh that’s so

[0:05:07] Lois: good. That last line she knows that God doesn’t compare what he creates.

[0:05:15] Emily: No he doesn’t

[0:05:16] Lois: know that. So relevant specifically for women. I know stereotypically guys, if I’ll say stereotypically yes, don’t necessarily compare everything about themselves or just more internal about it if they do. But women we stereotypically spend time comparing ourselves and I love um reading this that you know she’s an example of not comparing because God doesn’t compare us to each other even though a lot of us were raised that way, right? And we do compared to others.

[0:05:58] Emily: We do compare ourselves and just I think it’s really cool to think about that God did not create us to do that God created us in our unique gift ing’s um on purpose.

[0:06:12] Lois: Yeah. Yeah. But a lot of people were raised to squelch their unique gift Ing’s or two toned down who they were

[0:06:25] Emily: sure.

[0:06:27] Lois: Oh man, I have to laugh when I say something like that because if I don’t, I’ll just get really down because there were a lot of things that lot of us put on the back burner because we didn’t think it was allowed or possible um that we had to squelch our gifting is because of who we were, because we were a woman or because we were a christian woman or because we were this or that. Yeah, so

[0:07:02] Emily: laughing is a coping mechanism of mine also.

[0:07:05] Lois: Yes, I get it. In fact, this past, oh was it this past week or the week before? Somebody who tends to be very controversial on twitter and I don’t think they mean to be controversial. I don’t know, they just say controversial things all the time and get nailed for it, but um basically said, oh, it was coming up to Mother’s Day and maybe I’ve said this before, but basically said, even even if a woman is gifted or talented and I’m paraphrasing, um even if it’s quote unquote in her gifting, basically, if a woman is speaking at your church on Mother’s Day, you need to find another church. So, so how do you say, even if somebody is gifted in an area, God doesn’t want you to use that gifting. So did he make a mistake? And I’m not talking about her being a pastor. I’m just talking about her speaking to the congregation Yeah. On Mother’s Day. But

[0:08:12] Emily: he yeah, I know the I I’m guessing that the reason they would say that was worth finding a new church over is you can’t be valuing God’s word if you believe it’s okay for a woman to speak. Is that what they’re saying?

[0:08:29] Lois: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t recall the guy by name because I don’t want to get into that kind of yes. But

[0:08:37] Emily: but the caveat that just because it’s your gifting doesn’t mean you get to use it. Yeah.

[0:08:44] Lois: Yeah. Well we won’t go into that today. But I did, I did want to mention it because I kind of went along with you know the bob golf statement about sweet Maria. Mm hmm. So anyway, so I’m going to give a plug for the dream big book. And also there is um a video series that goes along with it in a journal. So, so bobby and I are working through that right now and it’s just very encouraging to us.

[0:09:16] Emily: Mm Nice. So yeah,

[0:09:19] Lois: that was a long happy.

[0:09:21] Emily: That was

[0:09:22] Lois: with the long quote. That’s

[0:09:23] Emily: okay. So this week we are getting into like the different branches of the I’ve

[0:09:34] Lois: uh huh. I can’t help but laugh. I think it was I think it was josh tice and I’ve never met josh. I’ve just read some of his things but and that he kind of broke it out that there are six possible sections of the IFB and you know the RFP network has been accused of broad brushing so we don’t want a broad brush. We’re just gonna I’m just gonna give you a paintbrush and I’m going to have a paintbrush and we’re just gonna paint within our own numbers are two different sections of the F. B. So

[0:10:20] Emily: yeah it’s going to be fun because mostly we’re just going to talk about the different crazy that we grew up in and compare notes.

[0:10:29] Lois: Yes there probably be a lot of laughing today. Which is good. I don’t want everything to always be serious. No it’s good for our endorphins to laugh.

[0:10:41] Emily: Yes. Yes it is. So I’m

[0:10:45] Lois: not a medical statement. I am not a doctor. This is the disclaimer. Yeah laughing may not heal you

[0:10:56] Emily: but you have a bible verse to back you. So does that mean you get an honorary doctorate?

[0:11:02] Lois: Yes. I think I’ll buy one from the RFP podcast um with the frame. Yeah. You know those are those are actually signed. Yes they are those are signed. You know. Um But I’m not sure if they’re giving honorary doctorates to women. Have you heard?

[0:11:21] Emily: Well we better check with J. C.

[0:11:24] Lois: Yeah. Alright okay. We we gotta we gotta go on or were going to be we’re gonna be here forever. Forever.

[0:11:38] Emily: Uh huh. Okay so I’m going to start with one that I think I’ve mentioned before. I did not have to wear dresses or skirts growing up and we were allowed to wear swimsuits. That might have been our family thing, but it was kind of semi approved. Two.

[0:11:57] Lois: Were you allowed to wear swimsuits in front of boys? Yeah. You were mixed bathing. I

[0:12:02] Emily: know. I didn’t even know what makes bathing was.

[0:12:07] Lois: Yeah, You say that in the south and they’re like, well of course you’re not going to mix bathe unless you’re married, like, yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I was not allowed to wear pants, no pants, no shorts, no sleeveless shirts or sleeveless dresses on stage skirt Or cu lots over snow pants, even though I lived in Chicago and there was two ft of snow,

[0:12:36] Emily: man. Oh, you’re a hard core.

[0:12:41] Lois: Mm. Okay, that’s another one for you.

[0:12:46] Emily: We were taught that aliens were real.

[0:12:50] Lois: Oh, give me a second. Give me a second. Oh my gosh. okay, aliens, We’re real. You were taught this in church.

[0:13:14] Emily: Mm Yeah.

[0:13:15] Lois: Instead of like the sci fi channel, like right here in

[0:13:19] Emily: this church. I am certainly watched at least one documentary on it. But it,

[0:13:25] Lois: Yeah. Oh my gosh. I sound like a 60 year old smoker. I’m sorry. I can’t help. But uh, you watched a christian documentary on how aliens were real. Yes. Yeah. And this was from the pulpit interest.

[0:13:46] Emily: So Genesis chapter six men of renown tied in with a gap theory at the beginning of creation. So you know how people refute the gap theory that you know, there’s no couldn’t have been God used evolution to create the world. They believe that like verse one, God created

[0:14:11] Lois: things in the beginning. God created the heavens and the earth.

[0:14:15] Emily: There you go. And then there’s a gap between the gap when he like made the like refreshed, you know, the verse um replenish the earth doesn’t mean Phil because there was something here before that, the aliens goodness this chapter, say there you go.

[0:14:41] Lois: You know, it really be interested to know if anybody else got that in church. Besides Andrew Schluter who’s brought that up more recently, I would really like to know if anybody else. So if you’re listening right now and your pastor from the pulpit taught that aliens were real,

[0:15:00] Emily: he ought to reach out to us.

[0:15:02] Lois: Please give us an open mic minute. Oh my gosh, I think we need to stop the episode right there. I can’t breathe. Uh wow man, you should have saved that for later because now everything else is going to sound lame so

[0:15:23] Emily: true,

[0:15:26] Lois: wow. I don’t think I can top the alien one.

[0:15:30] Emily: That’s okay. We grew up with plenty of crazy. I think we can, I think we can fill an episode. Okay.

[0:15:38] Lois: Yeah. Okay. Who? So we could not have any bare legs. You had to wear hose to church. Mm So there were no bare naked ladies. I’m just kidding. Not talking about the music group. Um, so because nakedness started at the knee, you know, according to the bible, So, um, no slit in your skirt.

[0:16:11] Emily: Oh, that’s right.

[0:16:12] Lois: Yeah. Were you allowed to wear splits?

[0:16:14] Emily: No.

[0:16:15] Lois: And you were dresses to church even though you were allowed to wear pants? Right? Could you wear a dress as if it got super cold? Because you know, like when it’s like 10 below in Montana

[0:16:28] Emily: on sunday mornings, I could probably count on one hand the amount of times are wore pants. So we would wear, um, our snow boots to church and take them off and then put on our flats or church shoes. Sure.

[0:16:45] Lois: Okay. I’m still stuck on the aliens.

[0:16:49] Emily: Okay. No go with the aliens. We were taught that the universe was the shape of a pyramid. Did you ever have a sermon or series of sermons on the shape of the universe? I

[0:17:06] Lois: take it? You didn’t girlfriend, Were you raised an area 51 like? No, actually. Uh Oh my gosh. Who? Okay. All right. Back to my boring side of the world. Uh huh. We were not allowed to color our hair or highlighted because that would be fake.

[0:17:32] Emily: Mm

[0:17:33] Lois: Were you guys allowed to color your hair? No.

[0:17:37] Emily: Okay. Thanks.

[0:17:38] Lois: So when I was, when I was a freshman in high school, I traveled, our family traveled together with my dad in evangelism during the summers and so, oh, the summer, I think before my freshman year of high school, um we part of our travels took us to California. Well, when I was out there, I met a girl at one of the churches and she’s like, so you can get away with this if you want your hair lighter because my hair was blond, but then it had started getting a little darker and she’s like, there’s no hair color involved, so technically you can’t get in trouble. And so she taught me how to use hydrogen peroxide on your hair with a blow dryer. Did

[0:18:27] Emily: you get caught?

[0:18:29] Lois: I know, because we were in California, I just was able to play it off well, you know, we’ve just been out in the, we’ve been outside so much and it’s just so hot here and just, you know, I don’t know, I can’t remember if I got caught, if I got caught, I’ve blocked it out. But I went back to school in the fall where I grew up in a christian school and, and I can look back at my freshman picture now and my roots are dark and the rest of my hair is like orange. It’s just know this is the orange bond. Yeah. So

[0:19:03] Emily: uh huh Did you get taught spiritual gifts?

[0:19:08] Lois: No,

[0:19:09] Emily: no. Yeah. You know,

[0:19:11] Lois: you got dispensation Eliza um and all that just like there were no spiritual gifts. All those gift ing’s were done at the end of the new testament,

[0:19:21] Emily: yep. There you go. Sam

[0:19:24] Lois: okay, we could have no music with a beat. We couldn’t listen to anything secular zero except we could listen to classical um and we could listen to like marching band music as long as there wasn’t like a swing beat in it. But um but no music with a beat and certainly nothing on beats two and four because that that’s worldly. My dad had a whole Message series on how rock music came out of another country and the drumbeat is from just the whole anyway. Um but so like when I don’t, this is really going to age me. But like growing up my parents would say no stamps, Baxter music and that’s like anything that’s like syncopated. You know, you hear this dude that goes and it’s like cinco patient, like you can’t have single patient. So there is like several different forms because I hear a lot of people saying that they’re I. F. B. Church was like southern gospel or this or that. And I’m like, oh no, no, no, we had none of that piano organ, you know, stay on the four beat. Even the even the 23 time, you had to be really careful with it because no b

[0:20:58] Emily: That’s so funny. Canned music.

[0:21:01] Lois: No canned music. Yeah, A canned music is well back when I was younger, cassette tape, you could not use an accompaniment tape cause that’s called canned music.

[0:21:12] Emily: Oh, I have not heard that one.

[0:21:14] Lois: Yeah. No canned music. Canned music is a sin. That’s how you fall into CCM. What

[0:21:24] Emily: what is CCM

[0:21:27] Lois: contemporary christian music

[0:21:30] Emily: um on the music thing. We could not, we didn’t have any special music and I think that was unique to our church specifically. More than,

[0:21:39] Lois: Yeah, that was all your pastor. Yeah. Remember your pastor graduated from my school?

[0:21:46] Emily: I know,

[0:21:47] Lois: but he manhandled, you know, he manhandled the guys in my school because he was rocked by night. Right,

[0:21:57] Emily: yep. And I think that’s where he came. If you

[0:21:59] Lois: don’t know what a wreck my night is. You got it, you got to look it up,

[0:22:04] Emily: that’s a whole, it’s a fun rabbit hole if you want to go down it,

[0:22:08] Lois: they protested on our campus because some of our professors were a part of the editing team or consultant team for the new King James version. And so these guys showed up on campus in there, you know Godly attire of white shirts and dark suits and guys and all the stuff. Uh and uh that that was your pastor. I think you’ve even told me that not your pastor next your pastor. I think you ex pastor. That’s good. That’s good. Yeah, because some, sometimes a former pastor. Yeah, that’s good. And then there are ex pastor’s that’s good. I said that’s good like three times now, but that’s oh, but you told me that he would even brag from the pulpit that he protested at the Tennessee Temple campus and they were letting

[0:23:08] Emily: them know. He definitely, I don’t remember the protests specifically, but I remember him getting into arguments with his professors and like how he almost got kicked out and was really proud of his fight for the K. J. V.

[0:23:23] Lois: Alrighty then. Okay. So what’s another thing on your your side of the mm in your paintbrush? Stay within those numbers and tell me what’s something from your section,

[0:23:40] Emily: We were not allowed to go to bible college. So yeah. Yeah. So josh thais has broken it out and mostly when people describe what is the I. F. B. Each click or sect of the I. F. B. Is tied to a specific college. I guess you could say we were tied to um, Pensacola bible institute, which is not Pensacola christian College. Very different. Okay. I guess you could say we were tired to that in a way, but it was also not allowed to go. You weren’t? No, but you can’t go to, I guess somebody who went to our local college, our secular college would be more approved of than somebody who went to a bible college because Dylan is like Paradise, the place you have to stay in order to ever grow or be successful as a christian

[0:24:36] Lois: from the same dude that believes in aliens. Okay. Because in the, in the front of the RFP podcast intro, it says, um, the dudes dude says something like, you know what makes women stupid is college And see on the opposite side of that, we weren’t allowed to go anywhere to school other than bible college. Like I even wanted to go to Liberty University and this is back in 1983 and my dad would have none of it. Like, you know how kids, for the most part get to choose where they want to go to college. Oh no, none of us. We didn’t have a choice. We all went to Tennessee temple and I’m not, you know, I’m not going to get into the pros and cons of that, but that was just, that was it. I made phenomenal lifelong friends there. But anyway, yeah. So you were not allowed to go to bible college? We were not allowed to go. My

[0:25:32] Emily: sister went to bible college. See my parents. Oh, she was rebellion. My parents were not crazy like that. We could go where we wanted to go to school, whatever. And yeah, she went to GSPC and honestly, in this conversation, I don’t think she’d mind me mentioning this. Like it felt like so much freedom to get out from under what we were in in our little this church is the only right church ever anywhere. And

[0:26:02] Lois: your little pyramid alien portion of the world. Oh. Oh. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you’re out of there because that’s kind of scary. Like some of these that’s okay. I don’t want to get serious. Yeah. Okay. Um No, dating outside of the F. B. In my sect. You did not date outside of the F. B.

[0:26:32] Emily: Uh You didn’t have to do with. No, we didn’t date at all either. Um

[0:26:40] Lois: Wait, you didn’t date at all.

[0:26:42] Emily: I guess we could have. I don’t know, it’s kind of it’s hard to draw that line between this is what my family was okay with, because later talking to my dad like it sounds like he would have been okay with stuff, but we just we just assumed like um the way that the church did things was the way that our family would.

[0:27:07] Lois: Sure, sure. So, yeah, we we can focus on that. So, what did the church do with dating,

[0:27:13] Emily: like? Yeah, I was not, I did not sit by my husband while we were dating. We did not date while recorded in church, Like, I did not even sit next to him until we were engaged.

[0:27:30] Lois: What? You were not allowed to sit next to your now until

[0:27:36] Emily: we were until we were in the church,

[0:27:38] Lois: like, we’re okay. Were you, like allowed to be on the same pew, just not close to each other?

[0:27:45] Emily: We just Yeah, there was a role of row of guys my age, and there was a row of girls, we just didn’t didn’t mingle.

[0:27:55] Lois: Sorry. Oh my gosh, I gotta snort out of me, I’m going to hear about that one later. Oh gosh, okay, so, um I’m going to kind of step on toes, but for me, for us, there was no interracial dating. Now, let me give a copy out right here. I don’t believe that way, I don’t believe that way that we are all God’s creatures, we are all the imago dei, but I was raised to think that interracial dating was a sin, um which it was not, but yeah, um oh I talked to one of my sisters earlier and she told me that she remembered from elementary school, like two years, we went to public school and then we went to Hammond baptist and then we went to Oak Forest christian Academy and then we went to Tennessee Temple when we moved to Chattanooga and you know, I’m not bashing, I just, there were good things and bad things and wonderful things and ugly things. But anyway, so my sister, we went to Lane Elementary School in Chicago and she and I both remember getting in trouble. She remembers feeling uncomfortable because the pe class was learning how to square dance and she just knew she was going to get in so much trouble if she participated in that pE class and learned how to square dance. I remember as a kindergartener, um, we learned how to ballet and I remember coming home, I was so excited. I got triple as a kindergartener for ballet ng because I remember distinctly were you in front of the boys when you did that? Okay. Granted you guys, I’m five years old.

[0:30:08] Emily: Talk about sexualizing Children.

[0:30:09] Lois: Were you in front of the boys? Oh yeah. So, okay. So this is the story that my sister told me today. I can’t really get through it. Okay. So she remembers when we were Lane elementary, her entire class going to the zoo. Okay. And I mean when you get in those bigger cities, the zoos are just phenomenal. Okay. And she remembers not being allowed to go to the zoo with her class. She was, she said, I think I was like first or second grade. She had to spend the day at school in the back of 1/5 or sixth grade class and she was the only one that had to stay home. And the only reason that she had to stay home, they were going to the zoo for like science or whatever because it was mating season at the suit.

[0:31:08] Emily: My

[0:31:12] Lois: mom would not let her go to the zoo for fear that she may see something, she might learn the birds and the bees and then seeing, yeah, I didn’t believe her when she told me this morning. She goes, no, seriously? I remember I didn’t go to the zoo because it was mating season. Mhm. Oh

[0:31:37] Emily: gosh that’s funny. Okay. Yeah we grew up with livestock so it’s a little okay different.

[0:31:46] Lois: So you you experienced mating season with him?

[0:31:49] Emily: Not till we were much older

[0:31:50] Lois: and my sister, oh my gosh. Okay so you guys had to wear a shirt with a collar to church? You know a no collar shirt was not allowed. In fact I remember in college when the no collar shirt came out you know the little banded collar that that those were frowned upon greatly because it wasn’t a full colour, it wasn’t dressing. Um

[0:32:16] Emily: Okay then. Okay give me enough. Did you have to make public apologies when your name showed up in the paper for like a speeding ticket? This one my sister reminded me of you have to stand up and be like, my name was in the paper and apologize to the church for bringing a bad reputation not to God to the church. And that way,

[0:32:46] Lois: the man who believes in aliens, you’re

[0:32:48] Emily: not going to let that go, are you?

[0:32:50] Lois: I’m not, I’m gonna milk.

[0:32:53] Emily: That’s a pretty common thing. If you really want to go um go crazy. Read the book. Black is beautiful by Peter Ruckman. There you go.

[0:33:08] Lois: Wait, that’s black is beautiful. I mean, I do believe that black is beautiful, but what does this

[0:33:16] Emily: have to do with basically wrote a book about the color black and how it’s bad and it’s an excuse to talk about all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories. That’s my synopsis. Uh huh. But anyway, yeah, you have to make sure that in case somebody comes up to you like so and so from your church got a speeding ticket or you know, they’re not living right. You can say, well they apologize to the church, so it’s

[0:33:44] Lois: good. Okay, well that’s a weird take on church discipline. Um, wow, okay, give me something else.

[0:33:53] Emily: Okay. This was kind of funny, but it’s kind of not. But we watched documentaries and things that could have been classified as like horror movies. It was awful, the alien thing, but on Halloween and hell and stuff, Did you watch stuff like that?

[0:34:15] Lois: Well, our church premiered Burning Hell. Yeah. Yeah. Chicken. I remember being scared out of my mind. Oh my gosh,

[0:34:29] Emily: I want to know. Did you believe that you could know God’s will for your life?

[0:34:34] Lois: Yes and no, that girl, that’s a whole different podcast. Like the target of God’s will being in the perfect center of God’s will. It was always this kind of thing out here that you had to really figure out and you had to make sure you didn’t miss it in. If you missed it, the rest of your life would be God’s second best for you. I did have some people that try to tell me what God’s will for my life was as opposed to me hearing from him myself because you know, you know how that whole thing, I just

[0:35:09] Emily: remember being really amazed when I found out. Well, you know how the will of God is so elusive, like this thing, you’re like digging for local and coming to the point where I was very secure and I know exactly right now today I am where I’m supposed to be in my life was Mhm Like really a strange thing to be able to say and I didn’t I didn’t grow up with Peter Ruckman stuff because our pastor just took credit for what he was preaching. So we didn’t know we were recommendations. Mhm.

[0:35:52] Lois: Girl, I don’t think you guys even knew there were any other churches. We didn’t states of America or

[0:35:57] Emily: the world, I promise. He didn’t. Uh But he what was I saying? Oh I remember coming away from that tiny little box and thinking we were, you know, getting out into a broader box because we were I don’t know, there was more than one good church. And somebody made a comment about dr Ruckman and they said, well I even heard dr Ruckman say that he didn’t know God’s will for his life. And it was implied that if he didn’t know how could you know? Uh I was like, oh full stop. I know God’s will for my life. And he he doesn’t know God’s will for his life. I don’t think I need to listen to him anymore.

[0:36:45] Lois: It’s because he believes in aliens. No, he, I don’t know if he did not. But anyway, Yeah, he did. Okay. Well, and just to clarify with our listeners, um, if you’re listening and you’re like, um, wondering if we’ve both lost our minds, um, that’s very possible, but that’s beside the point. No, but regarding God’s will, you absolutely can know God’s will for your life. And it starts with love, God with all your heart, your soul, your mind, your strength and love others as yourself. That’s your first step. If we’re walking through that on a daily basis, it’s not like God’s will is elusive. We don’t believe that God’s will is elusive. That’s what we were taught them. Just just to clarify their, Okay, so I have to ask you this, did you guys have a watch night service on New Year’s Eve

[0:37:38] Emily: was not called a watch night service? But we did have Elite, well what was yours Years Eve service.

[0:37:46] Lois: Okay. Oh yeah, because you’re a lot younger than me. Ours was a watch night service and my sister reminded me today, she’s like the watch night service and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a watch night service. So don’t get me wrong because if you feel like the Lord’s leading you to pray in the New Year, then by all means do that. But like it was a whole thing like we went back to the, you know before electricity was Created and we had lanterns and you know they took an offering and if somebody gave you know like $5, it was amen if somebody gave $10, you know, and this is the only time that people said your

[0:38:29] Emily: church

[0:38:31] Lois: because we didn’t, you know you I mean the guys would say amen. But I watched some of these I FB clips from people and there are totally different sections of the F. B. Because some of these people like are running up and down the aisles, that would have been considered completely inappropriate. My church, you would have been ushered out, I’m sure, or they would have prayed over you for demon possession. But anyway, um the watch night service, like if somebody gave you know $50 it was a, you know, praise the Lord or whatever, but we were literally in church for hours because um and the way my sister put it, she was like, you know, that’s the one night that you have to be completely concerned for the world, and so while everybody else is out there partying and counting down the, you know, we’re in church praying as we should be. And as a kid, you’re just trying to stay awake because you know, if you fall asleep, you’re gonna get in big trouble, You know? But literally, you know, we’re talking like from 7:00 to after midnight, the watch night service. I’m sure they’re probably several listeners that are aware of those kind of watch night services because we had to watch for the night and be concerned for the whole world at least one time a year. I’m sure we were concerned for the world the rest of time too. But Specifically that one night

[0:39:59] Emily: and rejoice when somebody gave money.

[0:40:01] Lois: Yes. Oh and holler. Yeah. Which we never hollered any other tired.

[0:40:06] Emily: Yeah. Did you? How often did you do communion?

[0:40:10] Lois: Oh, that’s a good question. Um, I think we did it during the watch night service, man. I don’t really remember, I want to say that it’s like once a quarter or maybe twice a year.

[0:40:22] Emily: Once and however you did it. I’m sure it was wrong because we did it on Passover.

[0:40:28] Lois: Okay. So how we did it was wrong, Did it on because so you did it once a year. Okay. You know, there are some churches that take communion every single week and it’s a part of their beauty and their considered, oh, there, I don’t know what they’re considered, but we heard about it growing up, just ridiculous. Okay, So we were not allowed to watch Disney. Disney was new. Sure, you know, in the 70s when I was a kid and it came on on, and we were not allowed to watch Disney because we had to make it back across the gravel parking lot from the parsonage to the house for training union. Okay. We had to be at training union so we could not So you know, every once in a while we would kind of like I’m not really feeling good, can I stay home tonight? You know Because we wanted to watch Disney but I’m pretty sure part of why we weren’t allowed to watch Disney was because Tinkerbell wasn’t dressed appropriately. My mom and I have laughed about some of this stuff. She’s like, I don’t

[0:41:45] Emily: like

[0:41:47] Lois: I do, I

[0:41:48] Emily: do. Did you wear earrings, Stuart earrings?

[0:41:55] Lois: Oh no,

[0:41:57] Emily: no. Was that your husband’s decision? Your husband got to make that call? Have you heard that way? What? Mm I didn’t grow up with this. But a friend of mine who would come to our camp meeting every year like I asked her if she was going to get her ears pierced and she’s like well that’s kind of up to my future husband, whoever I marry because you know your body is not yours. It’s christ. No way. I mean your body is not yours, it’s your husband’s.

[0:42:28] Lois: I don’t know, I’m so confused. But let’s back up a little bit. We were not allowed to have pierced ears in our family. And if I heard it once, I heard it 100 times, if God meant for you to have holes in your ears, he would have put him there when he made you. That’s the same thing with the hair color. Like you don’t pierce your ears, You don’t where her color. I mean you don’t want to, oh no, we, no, no ear piercing. So

[0:43:06] Emily: the way we were taught from the pulpit anyway was you’re not, you shouldn’t get your ears pierced. But if you do it should only be women because it’s a sign of subjection, like in exodus when he they bore a hole in their ear, like for slaves.

[0:43:26] Lois: Yeah.

[0:43:28] Emily: Moving forward.

[0:43:30] Lois: So. No, no. Yeah, no ear piercing. But I have to tell you, um, one of my sisters, um, had gone to Bonaire with Trans world radio as a short term missionary and while she was there, she got her ears pierced. Now granted she’s like, She’s like 2020 21 at this time, you know, So, but my dad doesn’t know she’s gotten her ears pierced because she’s still in Bonaire. Okay, then. Um, my other sister while we were traveling with my dad for the summer and she and I just had this conversation recently, I can’t remember if I ask her permission if I could tell you that, say this or not, you’re going to have to love me and forgive me sis. Um, but we were on tour, you know, representing blah, blah, blah. And so my sister went in, we had time at a mall or whatever and she decided to get her hair cut and get her ears pierced. Okay, so the hair was shorter, like um you know, above the air lopes shorter in front and she got her ears pierced, she gets back in the traveling van. I remember I’m sitting in the back and at some point and she remembers this vividly. She really tells it much better than I’m doing right now. But she remembers visibly visibly, um my mom was like, oh you got your hair cut, Hey, she got her ears pierced. The next thing that my sister remembers is my dad slamming on the brakes and pulling over to the side and flipping his head around, you know, because it was like, no daughter of mine is going to ever have her ears parents me and oh my gosh! And so, but can I tell you something? My sister was 23 years old at the time that my parents freaked out about the fact that she got her ears pierced and I remember very specifically that giving me the courage as a freshman in college to get my ears pierced. So my dad came home from a meeting and he doesn’t know that my other sister who was in Bonaire had already gotten her ears pierced, Okay, so he thought it was just my older sister and then he came home and I had been to the mall and I had gotten my ears pierced and this is what he said. He said, well at least I still have one virgin daughter left my word because because I got my ears peers and I just and I remember not necessarily being shocked about what he said, I was more cracking up inside, that he had no idea that my sister in Bonaire had already gotten her ears pierced. Okay, I spent way too long on the year piercing, but it’s a thing.

[0:46:57] Emily: Yeah, it is. Do you have any other nuggets? Because I think I am through my list?

[0:47:02] Lois: Um okay, so I have to I have to tell you this one of my sisters, she’s like um she was that kid that she may be sitting down on the outside, but she is standing up on the inside, you know I mean she’s just she’s that like independent, we’re all pretty independent people, but I was more of the like, well why can’t I do that? You know, I was the one who was like talking, asking questions. She was the one sitting there going, it doesn’t matter what you say, you know, like quietly. But she thought she was being quote unquote submissive on them. Anyway, she remembers, she told me that she remembers being in college and my mom made her take the class like christian womanhood or christian leaders, wives or something along those lines. And she said, this is the only class in her entire time in college that she made. She said, I’ve literally got an F and I

[0:48:15] Emily: love it. That’s

[0:48:16] Lois: awesome. And she’s like, she’s like, mom would not let me quit the class. Um and I didn’t want to do the work that was in the class because it was all this stupid busy work. And I’m like, well, what do you mean by busywork? And she’s like, we had to, you know, write out sample ways to make your make the bed once you get married and we had to like create this recipe box or recipe book and all this. And that was part of her college christian woman. And she’s like I just refused, she’s like I refused to do it, I’m not doing it, you know? And she said that’s the only class she failed in college was the christian, I love that she didn’t fake it, but she’s just, she’s just independent and this beautiful sister of mine ended up being the mayor of her town where she lives in California. So oh my gosh, there are so many differences. Yeah,

[0:49:24] Emily: there really are,

[0:49:25] Lois: you know because yes, so I think it is wise for us to not broad brush because as we’ve said before, there are levelheaded healthy biblical churches.

[0:49:46] Emily: And there’s a lot of

[0:49:48] Lois: without all the crazy,

[0:49:50] Emily: there is a lot of crazy that we grew up with that I thought was isolated to the I. F. B. And it’s certainly not, it’s in non denominational churches, all kinds of things. So yeah, there’s

[0:50:04] Lois: I attend a nondenominational church do and I love it and it is nowhere near any of those things, any of these things, but you’re right, we’ve heard from several listeners that you know, it kind of is like a cross the legalism and those things we’ve said before are not bound just to IFB I did read an interesting article today though, again, it was a church putting out their platform of basically who they are and this and that I found this quite interesting because, you know, we’ve um heard about church history and you know, the beginning of the independent fundamental baptist movement, you know, and how they stepped away from really from the southern baptist convention because of inerrancy and you know, took a stand and some things that they should have, and then I just think it just kind of kept going. Yeah, Anyway, but I was reading a church’s website because I was looking up, you know, some some different research about the movement that they say is not a movement. So this church’s website says honestly, a true independent baptist church is nothing new. There are many thousands to be found across our nation and around the world. They are not a group of churches which have decided to remove themselves from one organization or another, for they predate all of the various organizations in existence today. In fact, true independent baptist churches have been around since the time of jesus and the apostles. I was like, really, like, really? You think that, you

[0:52:10] Emily: know, that’s so funny, and so far there

[0:52:13] Lois: because the independent baptist movement did come that specific did come. Yeah. Anyway, I’ll save all the church history stuff for, for the church split and for the RFP

[0:52:29] Emily: and for freedom for

[0:52:31] Lois: freedom podcast and and all the other, But I was like, yeah, dude, that’s not true.

[0:52:40] Emily: Mm No, it’s not. So, so I don’t think we broad brushed today.

[0:52:45] Lois: I don’t think so. Either girl, some of your paintbrushes, I still can’t get past the aliens. I

[0:52:56] Emily: can’t get past christian womanhood classes at college.

[0:53:01] Lois: Yeah,

[0:53:04] Emily: it hurts man.

[0:53:06] Lois: Oh

[0:53:06] Emily: my gosh. Okay. So everybody, you should go leave us a crazy story on for our next open mic minute. Yes.

[0:53:17] Lois: Or, and or give us an opinion of one of the things that you heard today, You know, your opinion. Like maybe you maybe you agree that there are aliens. I don’t know.

[0:53:32] Emily: What do you think about, um, spiritual gifts or your opinion of the gap theory?

[0:53:40] Lois: I’m still trying to figure out what the gap theory is because the only gap, there are a couple of things that I’ve heard about. The Gap one. It’s a store where you can buy clothing that you most likely could not wear to your independent fundamental baptist church. And to several years ago there was this big thing about having a thigh gap and I could guarantee you that I don’t have one of them. I don’t believe in the gap theory.

[0:54:09] Emily: Oh, okay. So I saw instagram real just today and she was like, I want to tell you, you know, hot girl summer is coming right up. I’m going to tell you how to get a thigh gap. Everybody can do this. It’s so easy. She stands in front of the camera and then she like takes a step like I have a thigh gap, you can have one too. So funny.

[0:54:34] Lois: Okay so you know what, honestly, this week, whatever you want to leave on the open mic minute about your opinion about something that we’ve said today, your opinion about one of these guidelines. Um or just drop us, maybe a crazy thing that you were raised with that neither one of us mentioned, I’m not sure you can outdo the alien thing, but maybe maybe you believed in aliens and you watched alien documentaries at church as well? If so we want to hear about it.

[0:55:05] Emily: Yeah, that’s at SisterSeeker.com. You can click on the open mic tab and it’ll pull up all the topics and can leave us a note,

[0:55:15] Lois: yep, Sister seeker dot com. You can also follow us on any of our social media pages were on instagram, we’re on facebook, we’re on twitter and Emily is going to tell you where to find those.

[0:55:27] Emily: That’s our F. W. P. Podcast, awesome. Have a good week. Can’t wait to hear from you.