[0:00:00] Emily: Welcome everybody to this week’s episode of the R. F. W. P. I’m your host, Emily Louis and my co host,

[0:00:08] Lois: Lois Mcnair is in the house

[0:00:12] Emily: and we are going to have so much fun on this week’s episode.

[0:00:17] Lois: Wait, are we are we allowed to have this much fun? Because last week’s episode was a whole lot of fun. So are we allowed fun? Two weeks in a row?

[0:00:27] Emily: Yes.

[0:00:28] Lois: Okay. I’m just checking. You know, I don’t want to overdo the fun. I don’t want to break any rules actually. I want to break all the rules, but go ahead. Yes, you do. Mhm. I’m actually a rule follower. Are you? I am I but I’m eclectically a rule follower.

[0:00:48] Emily: See I always thought I was a rule follower, but the more and more I learned about myself, I’m a questioner. I will follow you rule if it makes sense to me. Yeah. Okay. We got serious real fast.

[0:01:03] Lois: Yeah, we gotta stop that now. Where were we? Oh I said we’re in the house as we are

[0:01:12] Emily: and I want to know what your micro joy this week is.

[0:01:18] Lois: Okay. So I do have a micro joy but you know what? I want to hear other people’s micro joys. I want people to jump on in the next few weeks and just drop something to us. And this was my micro joy. But I do have a silly a silly micro joy this week. It made me laugh. So that’s funny to me. And it’s a micro joy. Okay so somebody posted this just a few hours ago actually that said um and this is for all those that grew up I. F. B. Or grew up in a very strict, you know Pentecostal or you know holiness whatever was a very legalistic. But we’re just going to call out the f beers which I used to be one. But this doesn’t apply to me just letting you know ahead of time when we get to heaven. You will be able to tell the I. F. Beers from everybody else.

[0:02:19] Emily: Okay. Yeah

[0:02:23] Lois: because they don’t know how to dance so they’ll have to sit that worship session out.

[0:02:30] Emily: Oh then I have one. Do you know what god’s name is?

[0:02:38] Lois: Well he has several. I thought we were keeping it funny.

[0:02:42] Emily: His name is Howard

[0:02:44] Lois: Howard

[0:02:46] Emily: Yeah our father. Which art in heaven? Howard be thy name.

[0:02:53] Lois: Such a bad dad joke.

[0:02:56] Emily: I’m loving this part of my identity

[0:03:01] Lois: dad. You know what? You know what I think we might have to do one night. We might have to get brian Edwards on the episode. Just brian we love you J. C. And Nathan. But just brian. And you and brian need to have have a dad joke. Um Face off. even though you’re not a dad you’re coming up with some pretty lame dad joke. Uh huh. But they made you laugh so it did. So that’s my that’s the micro joy. Yeah that’s a macro micro

[0:03:39] Emily: this week now this week we both had some pretty big joys and I think we should do a face off for Joyce.

[0:03:50] Lois: Macro Joyce. Wait do we know the difference between micro and macro? No

[0:03:56] Emily: I mean I don’t

[0:03:58] Lois: I mean I know that there’s like probably some people out there right now that go yes the definition for micro means or the definition for macro means. I’m not talking about eating enough macros and Micros and making sure your food is like where it needs to be. We’re just making up these terms. Somebody made him up and we’re stealing on my guess Micro joy you know my friend on twitter he’s the one who started the micro joy thing. Micro joy monday curtain mccall. Um, anyway, so yeah, so those were a couple of micro Joyce.

[0:04:37] Emily: So what is,

[0:04:39] Lois: how much we’re going to do a macro joy face off.

[0:04:42] Emily: Okay. I’m going to go first. Yeah.

[0:04:44] Lois: Okay. You ready? And then I want to hear from the viewers whose macro joys are better. No, I’m just kidding. We’re not competing. There are all joyful. It’s all awesome. I was joking. Okay. You first go.

[0:04:57] Emily: We just closed on our house. On a house. We bought a house.

[0:05:02] Lois: That’s awesome. Wait a minute, fun. Wait a minute. Just bought a house. Just closed on it. I have to know like, how long ago did you see this house?

[0:05:12] Emily: Uh, Like 50 days ago?

[0:05:16] Lois: What? Ooh, you said all the house before Pentecost. Hey, that’s, hey, that’s weird. That’s, that’s cool. You know, because Pentecost was this past sunday?

[0:05:29] Emily: Yeah, so it was just around around easter then, it would have been the monday after easter.

[0:05:33] Lois: So I just need to know if there’s wind and fire blowing through your house.

[0:05:38] Emily: Uh,

[0:05:39] Lois: no, there is a wood stove,

[0:05:42] Emily: no wind and fire.

[0:05:43] Lois: Well, that’s probably a good thing, but you know, there was wind and fire on the day of Pentecost, so I’m just just making sure. Yeah, that’s a cool really? That’s a really cool macro joy though.

[0:05:53] Emily: So you’re next europe.

[0:05:55] Lois: Okay. So, you know, I’ve been talking to you guys about the fact that I’m reading the book Dream Big by bob Golf and I love bob golfs writings because they bring joy to my heart, they encourage me. Um and he just, he’s the guy you want to have in the room, you know, he’s the guy that you just because his love for jesus is just so apparent. Um and I just love it anyway, so I’m I’m I’ve read Love Does, I’ve read everybody always and I’m currently reading Dream Big. So bob goff always puts his cell phone number in his books, puts his cell phone number of these books um on purpose. So this morning I was pretty excited about something that I was reading in the book and all of that. So I may or may not have talked to bob golf this morning.

[0:06:55] Emily: What?

[0:06:58] Lois: That is like a dream. That is so

[0:06:59] Emily: cool. He’s

[0:07:01] Lois: alleging, I’m telling you, I thought for sure he’d already be out on Tom Sawyer Island, but he wasn’t. And the I called him after Love Does, but I got his voicemail, you know, and so I just got, you know, thought that that was going to happen. And this morning I called him and he answered the phone he said hello this is bob went about had a major fan but I kept my cool and and just told him how much I appreciated the book. And then I asked him what I could be praying about for him. That’s awesome. And I told him something else but I can tell you right now because that’s my next macro joy. So you’re next bobbed off. But your next, okay,

[0:07:51] Emily: so uh my micro macro, this macro joy is some things that we were concerned about for the church that we’ve been attending. God has been, he’s gone before us and work some things out and comforted my heart. And I had a conversation today that left me in happy tears because God is so kind and trustworthy.

[0:08:18] Lois: Yes. And I’m so thankful for that because you called me and you left me a voice message. That’s how we communicate a lot during the day. We just leave these little little talking back and forth messages and I could hear in your voice. And I heard you say that today you felt seen and you felt heard with these concerns and you’ve talked in the past about the struggling with trusting a pastor because everything you’ve been through and a lot of people related with you regarding that. But today you said to me that although that is still a struggle and that’s still a journey that this conversation proved trustworthy to you and man, that that’s like a macro macro on steroids, macro joy. I love that.

[0:09:13] Emily: Yeah, it’s amazing. Amazing.

[0:09:16] Lois: You’re a girl. Let me tell you something. This did not start out as a macro joy. It started out as shock and fear. And um and it is, we’re recording on Wednesday and on monday night, our dear friend and one of our campus pastors collapsed after his crossfit workout, like collapsed like not breathing like you know, and people jumped on CPr immediately and you’ve got to know this pastor, he is the most genuine, transparent gracious is impacted thousands of lives. He’s the real deal. And we just began to pray as a church individually corporate lee. Last night we went up to the other campus and we just, man, we just pled with God for healing. We prayed for a miracle. Yeah, Emily, I haven’t asked God for a real miracle in a while because when you go through so much right that you just kind of, you stop dreaming and you stop praying for miracles to some degree. And that’s why I told bob this morning on the phone, I said this book has encouraged me to dream big about a lot of things and, and so today I’ve, you know this week, this couple of days have taken a step to for to pray for a miracle like I had not before. And uh huh tonight before you and I got on to record, we got news that that are that are pastor friend woke up today, he woke up, he woke up like he was on a ventilator, he had not regained consciousness, they had to cool his body down and keep him sedated. They were not 100% sure what had happened, but basically he collapsed on the ground and he was not coming back and I’m telling you to hear that news and rejoice. I do believe, I do believe in miracles and I do believe in healing. He’s got some milestones and some Marcus he needs to hit in the next couple of days, but I’m telling you, God is a good and faithful god. But I was also reminded when I, when I said that because of the healing in in dale’s body and mind, you know, we’re still praying for complete healing, but the Lord just kind of also said, yeah to me at, you know what, I’m good even when those miracles don’t come, I’m still a good father.

[0:12:27] Emily: Yes, I’m so glad you said that if that’s exactly I talked about that on instagram today,

[0:12:34] Lois: Did you? Yeah,

[0:12:37] Emily: sometimes we say, you know, with the church situation God, no matter how this works out, if we don’t get to go to church there anymore, if there’s some big red flag, you’re still good and you’re still with us. But man, I’m sure glad that we’re able to stay with this community and grow you know?

[0:13:00] Lois: Yeah, that is awesome. And he is so if anybody is listening to this podcast and and you have any indication that we’re saying that God is a good and faithful god because of these answered prayers. Yes, he is. But God is a good and faithful god. When the prayers are answered, when you are on top of the mountain, God is a good and faithful god when we are down in the valley and the mountain is not moving, he’s still a good and faithful god.

[0:13:34] Emily: Yes, yep.

[0:13:36] Lois: So I guess stuff you know, so yeah, yeah, I would love to hear some of other people’s macro joys and micro Joyce. So I hope they’ll email us at hello at sister seeker dot com.

[0:13:51] Emily: Yeah. Or leave us a voice note. That’s super fun to Yeah, and speaking of open mic minute, let’s here. Everybody else is crazy that they’ve experienced. I think it got really heavy and serious but but it’s it’s good to hear people’s stories. Yeah, they’re coming from,

[0:14:17] Lois: well, I actually called our open mic minute, got on and I left an open mic minute. I did. But you’re gonna have to listen to hear it. Mm hmm,

[0:14:30] Emily: wow. Thank you for sharing your stories. Think you are. You probably already know this but you are so strong to have walked through stuff just you know, speaking to the women. That leftist notes. Thank you for sharing those.

[0:14:52] Lois: Yeah, I I was being The Funny one About the coup lots but there’s also that flip side of the coin where you know some people stuff is super heavy.

[0:15:09] Emily: Yeah, because it all is. Yes, I mean so much of it is. Oh, I forgot one. My sister reminded me of one. Yeah,

[0:15:18] Lois: your sister give a shout out to your sister

[0:15:21] Emily: Rebecca, she’s awesome. She is the more organized one. So it’s fitting that she

[0:15:30] Lois: Remembers, she’s the more organized one. Mhm

[0:15:34] Emily: Okay. She keeps us all on in line. She reminded me that we didn’t get to celebrate christmas growing up, wait a minute.

[0:15:46] Lois: What? You went to, wait, you went to show like christian family christian church,

[0:15:57] Emily: but christmas isn’t christian, you know.

[0:16:01] Lois: Oh my gosh, did you grow up, Jehovah’s witness?

[0:16:04] Emily: No,

[0:16:08] Lois: did you grow up mormon? Wait, is that the same thing?

[0:16:11] Emily: No, not at all.

[0:16:13] Lois: No, it’s not the same. Okay, wait a minute. You didn’t know christmas but you pledged allegiance to the american flag and the christian flag at your church. I and I

[0:16:26] Emily: should, I should clarify, we did celebrate christmas as a family. It just wasn’t approved.

[0:16:33] Lois: So like, so you guys like went underground christmas?

[0:16:38] Emily: Yeah, we were the, we were not the cool kids. I mean, I should say my parents weren’t the cool kids. They, they’re the ones that celebrated something that was

[0:16:51] Lois: ground pianistic were you were so were you guys ostracized every year, the month of january because you put lights up on your house and had a christmas tree.

[0:17:02] Emily: I don’t remember it. I remember some friends making comments, but

[0:17:07] Lois: yeah, wait a minute. I mean the whole story of the candy cane and the red stripe and the white stripe, like, no.

[0:17:16] Emily: Oh, I remember when I started teaching little kids sunday school, this is totally a tangent. We don’t have to keep it. But I taught the story of the candy cane in december and I was legitimately worried I was going to get in trouble.

[0:17:30] Lois: Yeah. You probably probably did get in trouble. You just nobody ever told you you were just looked down on, oh my goodness. That is a major throwback for me. Major throwback. Okay, so if anybody remembers Huey Lewis and the news, the Power of Love, you know, it became like really famous in the back to the Future movies with Michael J. Fox.

[0:18:33] Emily: So if

[0:18:34] Lois: you know, you know, if you don’t know, you need to know Huey Lewis and the news and now you know Huey Lewis and the news. But the Power of Love is what we are talking about tonight. Emily walk us into the Power of Love. So to set this up,

[0:18:59] Emily: we all, you know, I’ve talked about my story and how knowing how unconditionally loved, like unreservedly without measure, without reservation, loved, I am absolutely changed everything for me. So I talked about this a lot on my instagram and my podcast all kinds of things because I believe in it. It changed me and I believe it has the power to change everyone else and provide them. But while simultaneously believing this or saying, I believe this about the power of love. Last week I was recording a real on you are enough in christ you are enough. You just how you are are worthy of love and you are loved and the power in that I was recording this real and God brought someone to mind that I had. He goes, do you do you believe that my love would be powerful in their life to change them? Would that be the message that they need to hear and my me, I was like, no, they need to know they were wrong. Yeah. And it was his gentle reminder to me. Like do I really believe in the power of God’s love to change lives?

[0:20:34] Lois: Well, I believe in the power of love to change my life, but that person over there, I’m not sure. Yeah. Girl. So let me read a couple of verses about the power of love and then and you take it from there girl. So, um one of the passages That we talked about was Romans chapter eight which is man, you could spend an entire year in romans, couldn’t you romans? Chapter eight starting with verse 37. Um and I’m not going to give you the pretext of the context before that you can look that up on your own. That’ll be good study for you. Starting in verse 37. No, in all these things, we are more than conquerors through him who loved us for I am sure that neither death nor life nor angels nor rulers nor things present nor things to come nor powers nor height nor depth nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God in christ, jesus, our Lord. And then he starts Chapter nine which we know there weren’t chapters and first numbers. But I am speaking the truth in christ. I am not lying. My conscious bears me witness in the Holy Spirit. Mm So basically he’s saying we’re conquerors because of God’s love and none of these things can separate us. And then when he gets done with that, he goes, hey, I’m not lying. You know, yo wake up, I am not lying, this is this is truth. So the question is is the power of God’s love truth just for my life and the people that I like that are around me. So I think that’s where, where you were headed.

[0:22:53] Emily: Right, well, I want to read one more verse in Romans 55 says, and hope does not disappoint because God has poured out his love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit whom he has given us. He, it goes on to talk about the Holy Spirit working in our lives and that hope does not disappoint in the power of the love that God poured in there.

[0:23:22] Lois: But who is that true for?

[0:23:26] Emily: It’s true for everyone. So if I believe the Holy Spirit can speak to me and change me and direct me, I believe you can do it for this other person. And he reaches into our stories into the mess, not into the pretty, that’s that’s the gospel. It’s not that we have to get ourselves looking good. He didn’t reach into my, he didn’t look at me trying really hard and go, hey, thank you so much for that. I am going to finish this. You you did a great job sort of this. No, he reaches into our mess. So why would I think he can’t reach someone

[0:24:08] Lois: else? I think this past week you said to me, he reached into my religiosity and rescued me from that and showed me his love,

[0:24:22] Emily: right? So, in our recovering pharisee yes, like he reached into my religion and my trying to earn God’s favor and he can reach into somebody else’s outward. Since mine might have been pride and thinking too much of my own good works and trying to do things on my own. But that is not any less of a need than someone who’s over here committing physical offenses that I think need to be condemned.

[0:25:11] Lois: Well, can I just tell you you’re not alone in that thought process? You’re not? I mean, we as believers, we’ve been doing that for thousands of years thinking that somehow and we may not ever say it out loud, but thinking that, well, I deserve forgiveness. Not really sure that person does. I mean we in those flesh moments where we’re just like, you know, throwing stones and yet, and I get that we’re human and our humanness, we we look at that sin kind of like on a scale and like I’m over here because my stuff isn’t as bad as so and so stuff, but that’s not biblical, It’s not scriptural, that is a man made thought process. But it didn’t start with different denominations. When you look back in the new testament and see the pharisee praying loud and bold prayers in all of his garb on the street corner or in the temple and saying, I thank God that I am not as this man here. So it’s been going on. Mhm. It’s been going on since the fall. Let’s just, let’s just let’s break it back. It’s it’s been going on since the fall. Let me read this statement that somebody posted earlier today and when I read it, I remembered a message similar to this that one of our pastors preached around um the time of Passover this spring. And so this is the love of christ. The quote is when you learn how to sit at the table with your judas, you’ll understand the love of jesus, Okay, when you learn to sit at the table with your judas, you’ll understand the love of jesus. So isn’t that kind of what we’re thinking? Isn’t that kind of what we think like the way that we think about stuff. You know, would we have sat at the table with judas, not only sat at the table with judas, jesus knew what he was going to do before that, jesus humbled himself to show an example to the disciples and he washed his betrayers feet and I’m not trying to be all like that’s biblical and like, oh man, no, like I’m sitting here going, do not ask me to do that, you know like that, don’t ask me to do that. I can be excited about jesus all day long, doing that for judas and it’s an example, but you know, my flesh goes, yeah, I’m not doing that but right, and I’m just being real, but that’s not what scripture is talking about.

[0:28:34] Emily: Mm no, there’s people that cross my mind and I go, oh

[0:28:40] Lois: okay, for those of you that are like really throwing your judgy eyes at us right now as you’re listening to this um you know you’ve done it because we’re human and we’re in flesh and we are a selfish people and we are you know so you can throw your judgy eyes at us but I’m throwing them right back at you know I’m just kidding I’m not. But we’re just being real here. I mean what about the power of God’s love? We we can say that we believe in that but do we believe in that for everybody or just the people that we deem worthy of his love?

[0:29:26] Emily: Mm. Right. That’s that’s the question. And when I think about the people that are stuck in religion and legalism in my past, I you know God let me hear a song a couple years ago by by C. C. Winans and it’s called Let them fall in love. And she just talks about Father. Let them fall in love with you. Please forgive them for they know not what they do. Father let them fall in love with you And that might be offensive to somebody who thinks that they are serving God and working really hard but I don’t mean it that way at all. I just think you have no idea how your life could be turned upside down. If you fell in love with his love

[0:30:31] Lois: that’s for all of us because we’ve all been there at some point and I want to fall in love with jesus more every single day every single day I want to fall in love with him or I want more of his love and when I say I want more of his love doesn’t mean I’m trying to earn it because I do believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that when jesus came he died on the cross, he was buried he rose again in in his own resurrection power that is the finished work of christ and then he sent the Holy Spirit that is the finished work of christ. And when I accepted jesus, the finished work of christ, the Holy Spirit lives inside of me. So I have all of God, I have all of the Holy Spirit, but am I allowing myself to fall in love with him more and to be more in tune to the Holy Spirit? While I’m sitting over here questioning the power of God’s love in somebody else’s life?

[0:31:37] Emily: Mm Yeah. Yes, so much. We need more of God’s love in our life to be able to love others well, and we’ll have a podcast episode on Loving

[0:31:52] Lois: Up that’s coming up not too far along of Loving Loving. Well, I’m looking forward to that one.

[0:31:58] Emily: Mhm. I’d love to take a second and talk about why the love of God because it’s been so downplayed in many of our lives.

[0:32:08] Lois: So Why Don’t I Read First, John Chapter 3: verse one. See what great love the father has lavished on us, that we should be called The Children of God and that is what we are.

[0:32:30] Emily: Mhm lavished,

[0:32:32] Lois: lavished. And then first john 4 19 we love because he first loved us. He first loved us. And that’s the that’s right. And I’m like, I’m I’m an I’m an unlovable. Why? Why do I think somebody else is more unlovable than I am? I’m I’m no better than anybody else. We’re we’re all broken people. And he loved me first. So why don’t I grasp the fact at times that he could love someone else? I mean, I do believe that. But then when you get into the nitty gritty and something’s really hard and there’s been an offender or something like that. That’s when the rubber meets the road and you have a crisis of belief, do I really believe when I’m speaking out of my mouth from scripture that God’s love has the power To heal everything and everyone do, I really 100% believe that we are all the Imago dei created in the image of God. And if I really believe that ever really walking that out then the minute those thoughts come that I’m not sure if the power of God’s love can change this person, I need to put it in check. I need to put it in check and bring those thoughts captive and give them to christ and say you know what in my flesh, I don’t know but I believe you help my unbelief about this.

[0:34:09] Emily: Yes. Yeah. And the love of God really does have that much power. He’s lavished it on us. And like you said, we love because he first loved us, we have to hone in on how loved we are, when we realize how forgiven and how much grace God has given to us, then we can turn around and love others well, but learning how loved you are and knowing your security in him, then you can move forward and say, God help me love this person because you loved me. You still love me in my mess, in my ish and I’m not better than them. I need your power to love.

[0:35:05] Lois: The minute we think that we’re better than somebody else in that regard is the minute we need God’s love and forgiveness more than any other time, because our pride is the is the height of offense.

[0:35:19] Emily: Yeah. I was talking to my girls were reading in, we’re reading out of the international Children’s bible, we were reading the jesus story book bible for a while now we’re reading

[0:35:29] Lois: I love the I. C. I have one myself, I love that. And and if anybody is a new christian, if anybody is a new christian to really grasp it’s not a it’s not a kid thing but to really just grasp and understand scripture. The I. C. B. Is a great place to start. I love that version. Go ahead. Sorry, that was just my little plug. That’s okay, I didn’t help with it, I don’t get into the wing from it. I just like it it’s a great version. Yeah.

[0:36:04] Emily: Well we’re reading in genesis and I was talking to my girls about Sodom and the reason it was destroyed and we were talking about Pride because later in the bible it says that Pride was one of the reasons that Saddam was destroyed. And so yeah, it’s a it’s a big deal. Yeah.

[0:36:23] Lois: So when we talk about the power of God’s love, when we talk about the his love changed us, it do you think that individuals, you talked about him him reaching down and pulling you out of your religiosity? Okay. And scripture talks about that, you know, we were in a pit and he he pulled us out. Do you think that people who have walked a harder life, tougher life been involved in more things? Do you think that that those people when christ comes into the heart, do you think that they have um a stronger empathy and gift of mercy and love for others than for those who maybe didn’t go down quote unquote down all those paths, just went down the rabbit hole of legalism and isolationism. And I have all my boxes checked and I’m I’m this and I just it’s just been my experience. But what do you think about that?

[0:37:46] Emily: I think I disagree because I know how Lovelace my relationship with God was before, even though I wasn’t I wasn’t in a hotel room, you know, hungover, God didn’t rescue me that way. I was always taught that that was better or not better, but that was more amazing of a testimony, but having not walked through the power of God’s love. I don’t know if I have any less um grasp on it than someone. Yeah,

[0:38:30] Lois: I don’t think I said no.

[0:38:32] Emily: Um I think we can all

[0:38:33] Lois: get where you’re I get what you’re saying and I’m not disagreeing with you. I just maybe I’m talking about me, so maybe I’m thinking that I’m I’m subconsciously projecting that onto others. But I think for me, I see at times, you know, I’ve talked about the girl’s house that I that I get to minister. I have the privilege of ministering two on a on a weekly basis and most of them are working through addictions and I just when they get a hold of jesus, when he gets a hold of them, I just sometimes I sit and listen and I just I see a compassion in them that I personally there are times or I question my compassion and I think it’s you know, um I don’t know, it’s a testimony to me because I feel like there’s a there’s a greater love coming from them because they have been in a quote unquote pit, you know, and it probably goes back to that pride thing, you know, not that I don’t have stuff in my past, but you know, was I quote unquote in a pit. Well, yeah, I was I just wasn’t in the same kind of pit that that somebody else was in, but I just, it’s a testimony to me, but I told you the first time that I that you and I talked and I’ve said this several times and I probably embarrass you every time I say it, but I could see it in you, like I could see God’s love all over you because you just use Grace. Now, that doesn’t mean that Emily is just this calm, sweet quiet. This girl is fiery, I’m just going to tell you and she’s got the red hair to go with it. She is fiery as this process, but even in the fiery, she is so in tune to the holy spirit that she uses grace and I and I love that. So I love the fact that you wanted to talk about the power of God’s love.

[0:40:52] Emily: I would, first of all I’m learning to receive compliments, I just did an episode on abundant grace about this, so I’m going to say thank you and I’m not going to deflect that, I’m going to acknowledge the work that God is doing in my heart. And then I would love to talk about a bible story that illustrates this really, really well actually jumping back to the jesus story book bible. I love how they um draw this out, it’s the story of Zacarias and how he was not good and jesus loved him and became his friend, not because Zach ius did anything, Zacarias wasn’t turning over a new leaf. Um he wasn’t like I’m going to do better, he was stealing from his people, He was what a lot, a lot of people viewed as a traitor. And I mean if you think about Zach, he is climbing that tree so he could see jesus, I mean I guess he could have pushed his way to the front of the crowd, but maybe nobody really wanted him there. Just he wasn’t the lovely, he was the type of person that you’d walk across the street so you didn’t have to pass them. You know, you’d avoid contact with him,

[0:42:29] Lois: right? I’m not sure which episode we talked about, the people that jesus went to, but I’m glad you brought up Zaki is because it fits in here so well. Um, his story of seeking, you know,

[0:42:47] Emily: Yeah, his Zacarias, well, Jesus did not go over to Zaki’s and say, hey, that money you stole, you need to give that back and I’ll have a conversation with you if I’ll come to your house if you get this all straightened out because I don’t want to be with somebody

[0:43:10] Lois: who I’m going to come to your house if you get it cleaned up before I get there. Right,

[0:43:16] Emily: Do you know what changed Zack? Ius it was the power of jesus is love for him. Jesus stepped in and said I’m going to come to your house. Can I can I come to your house and Zacky is I mean, I can imagine him almost falling

[0:43:33] Lois: out of the tree, just

[0:43:37] Emily: like scrambling to get down, like trying to be respectful of this rabbi God in the flesh, talking to him saying you want you want to talk to me when I come to my house, do you? You know the way the jesus story? But bible puts it like maybe he, I think it’s this the jesus storybook bible, I think maybe he like ran to his house like yeah, let’s go. Maybe he doesn’t know who I am, that’s good, you know like, and we’ll just hurry up before anybody tells him or he finds out, but no, jesus knew and wanted to be with him and then it wasn’t jesus condemnation on him, that inspired hockey is to change it was that jesus didn’t mind being with him and loved him well, but changed Zaki is his life and he gave back that he had stolen,

[0:44:34] Lois: he purposefully went

[0:44:35] Emily: their degree of, he purposefully went there

[0:44:39] Lois: and this is, this takes place. Um and I can’t remember if I talked about this in our small, in our small group at our church or if we talked about it on the episode before, I honestly don’t remember, but it’s worth repeating if I’ve already said it before, but when jesus came to Zacarias, that was right before Passover, that’s when everybody was coming to Jerusalem for Passover, that was right before um right around Passover when everybody was coming to Jerusalem and it was almost like, like jesus, what I’ve heard, it’s almost like he came and because Zacarias was like the chief, he wasn’t just the tax collector, he was the chief over all of the other tax collectors, so he could like literally, and it was almost like that was jesus last act of not his last act, but the last act before, before the week of of the crucifixion and all that kind of the last unlovable that he connected with until he was hanging beside to unlovable Z on both sides of him on the cross. And he in that moment poured out his great love and said, today you will be with me in paradise. Your sins are forgiven. Mhm. Yeah, I’m going to jump back a second because you said something about testimony and we did talk about people who feel like um I don’t know, I think sometimes Pharisees are a lot harder to bring to the to bring to christ than somebody who’s in the ditch. Um so, but you said something about, you know that you didn’t have this like testimony or whatever and it reminded me of something that I heard recently and I put it in my notes, I say recently, like two months ago, your story of Salvation. Your testimony doesn’t have to be dramatic in order to be legitimate.

[0:46:59] Emily: Mm Yes. So

[0:47:02] Lois: the story of God’s power of love in my life may not look like the story of God’s power in somebody else’s life. But like I think I read um something at a bob golf’s book last week on the episode we talk about like jesus, he doesn’t compare our stories and now, you know, God doesn’t compare our stories because jesus blood covered all of our sins. And so because of what he did then God can look at us through his son, jesus christ and see us differently. I think he sees us. Yes, he sees us. I don’t I don’t know how to say this because I don’t want it to sound like a I think he he sees us redeemed and those that have not accepted him. He sees them as redeemable that he’s already done the redeeming work if they’ll just come to him and I think we need to be so thankful for our redemption, that we should look at other people through that same lens and think you are redeemable because of christ’s love,

[0:48:36] Emily: right? Yes. And something. I don’t know where I heard it, but it says jesus didn’t come into the world to condemn sinners. So I’m pretty sure he

[0:48:52] Lois: doesn’t need you to at first when you first started that, I’m like well honey, that’s a verse in the bible and then you got to the second part of it. I went, oh I gotta say that again

[0:49:04] Emily: right, jesus didn’t come into the world to condemn sinners. So I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need me too. Aren’t we arrogant

[0:49:16] Lois: though? When we think it’s part of our job to be to be here Holy spirit. Let let me let me come alongside you and help you out a little bit because you may not know all that. I don’t Oh my gosh.

[0:49:30] Emily: Yeah, I don’t think you’re doing your job. Very good. I’m just gonna go over here and convict my husband about something

[0:49:37] Lois: or who girl. The power of God’s love. You know we really haven’t even we’ve just skimmed the surface and tapped the top of this subject. So I’m going to encourage all of our listeners study it, look it up, look up every verse that you can find in scripture that talks about God’s love and how powerful it is and the work. I think if when we focus more on um his love for us then we will love others. Well we will love others better back to first commandment. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul mind strength and love others as yourself. Mhm. The power of love

[0:50:43] Emily: because it is the power to transform to revive to change to hell. Yeah.

[0:50:51] Lois: Yeah. All of it. You know um as we were praying As as the body of Christ for our friend and our pastor in the last 48 hours. It was so powerful and so just was it because of people, you could feel, I could literally feel the power of the Holy Spirit in the room and I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the holy Spirit resides, even when mary came to see Elizabeth Elizabeth immediately knew that she was expecting, john leaped in her womb and our spirit communicates with God, the father, God the son and the Spirit the Holy Spirit inside of us. So in this room it was just thick, if I could put it that way, it was just thick with the Holy Spirit, not because anybody had flowery words or anything like that is that people were really just pleading to the throne of grace for healing for our friend and who has meant so much to everybody. And so when I came home from that, because you and I were supposed to record last night and I just told you, I’m like, I you know, I can’t. But the Lord gave me just this little quote because when we talk about the power of God’s Love, the power of God’s love transforms the work in our lives back for his glory. It’s it’s not for us, it’s not for us, it is to transform us so that we work, we allow him to work in and through us to bring glory back to him so that others see our love. So as we were praying because um our friend dale has been, he’s impacted so many lives because you just see the power of God’s love all over him all the time. And so I just I just came home and I just wrote this little prayer because it’s like we believe you, Lord. But help my unbelief. I think I mentioned that earlier. But you are working Lord. We are waiting. You are moving Lord. We are waiting. You are healing Lord. We are waiting. You are restoring. We are waiting. You are working things for good. We are waiting with anticipation for your glory. Mm And that was just my words to him. Like we we want to see this. We’re waiting for this. But if you’re waiting tonight or today, whatever time it is that you’re listening. If you’re waiting two quote unquote feel God’s love. Can I just encourage you? It’s already there. He loves you Emily’s talked about the power of God’s love tonight. It is there.

[0:54:15] Emily: Mhm Right.

[0:54:17] Lois: Open your heart and receive that. Even if you’ve been in church all your lives and you you you have every verse about love and scripture, memorized. If you aren’t experiencing the power of God’s love in your life, it’s not transforming you, right? And it has to transform us so that the glory gets brought back to the father.

[0:54:39] Emily: Yes. And we can If we have been conditioned and used to trying to earn God’s love, this is a practice. This is something every day. You preach the gospel to yourself. You say I might be

[0:54:57] Lois: unworthiness,

[0:54:59] Emily: but I am not working for his love because he has given it to me and I am worthy because he calls me worthy. And whether or not I feel like it. Mm There’s nothing I have to do. Uh there’s no check box, check boxes that you can earn his love. It’s there. It is a gift. And it it is freely extended to you.

[0:55:27] Lois: And isn’t it crazy that we kind of have to practice resting in the truth of that? We have to practice resting in the father’s love. Yeah. I said something a a month or so ago on another episode resting in the father produces something different. And I, for one want the different resting in the father’s love produces something different. It transforms us.

[0:56:01] Emily: Yes, it really does. From the inside out. The stuff that we can’t change where we might want to condemn ourselves or in our pride. We might want to ignore either direction that we

[0:56:14] Lois: or condemn others.

[0:56:16] Emily: That’s the stuff that God and his love can come in and just shine a light on and kindly rebuke it and help us literally change our lives transform. And I know we keep saying that word, but it really is revival.

[0:56:36] Lois: Yeah. So, let me ask you this as we close up this topic tonight. This topic was on your heart because you were sharing, you were speaking truth over others and to others about God’s love and then God put it on your heart. Wait, do you mean do you believe in the power of my love for everyone? So as we’ve processed this tonight, how would how would you close this out with the same mindset? Like where are you kind of in your head space about what God showed you through that and through us kind of verbally processing it tonight out loud.

[0:57:23] Emily: Love that you asked that because I haven’t really considered what what that is until you ask it. But you know it actually makes me pray for that person and actually desire for their life to be changed. I want God to reach in and I want to know that that person who feels unreachable to me, I want to know that in two years their life is flipped upside down in the best way. Where before I was mocking and kind of thinking oh I hope I don’t have to run into them in town again. And instead I really want to see God display his love. I want to see the power of God in that person’s life because it would be, it would be huge.

[0:58:19] Lois: Can I just tell you that sitting here face to face through a screen? Um I have watched from the time that you shared that with me earlier in the week, I have watched the transforming power of God’s love in your life to bring you to that point at this point in the week that you’re you’re already praying for this person. That’s transformation. That’s the power of God’s love,

[0:58:51] Emily: that’s beautiful and it’s not me, I can’t

[0:58:54] Lois: thank you for being so transparent about it. That’s good, that’s good. And I think it’s a good check for us. It’s a it’s a good check that we are in tune to the Holy Spirit that we are in tune to God speaking to us, even though there are people who, I think that when we say God speaking to us that we’re creating some new revelation and oh so and so here’s from God. Well you know what, I’m just gonna tell you the holy Spirit, okay, I’m getting on a rant. The Holy Spirit is not speaking to you and you’re not hearing from the father in your spirit. Um you need to check your connection. I’m just going to tell you because you need to check your connection because that is not how we were meant to live. Oh okay I can’t go because then we’ll end up going another hour. I need to be quiet now, but I’m just saying for me, I want to hear the holy spirit for me, I want to have that comforting voice and I also want to have that convicting voice. It’s never condemning. It’s convicting. Like, hey, you know what, let’s correct this, let me sanctify this in you. Okay, let’s go. Because if it’s, if it’s condemning or if it’s shaming or anything like that, well that’s from the enemy, we know that, but who? I am so thankful for the power of God’s love and I’m so glad that um the Lord put it on your heart and just kind of um, dug in a little with you and said hello, do you really believe that? Can you really be teaching that? Um, so that’s good. Good. I think we all need that check Emily. We, we all need

[1:00:59] Emily: it, we all have that um not a conscious list. We always, we all have a couple of people on our or maybe a lot, sometimes I have a lot or we have a few people on our list of wow God it would take a miracle and he’s like, yeah I know that’s why I sent my son to die and it’s it is a big deal.

[1:01:25] Lois: Yeah, yeah. Speaking of miracles um you know I shared a miracle that our friend woke up today, Our our other pastor called it wake up day, this wake up day and I can tell you that the last 24 hours a lot of us have just been praying in the name of Jesus, wake up dale, wake up, wake up dale, you know jesus wake him up, wake up and so tonight when I heard the news I shouldn’t have been shocked, but it blew my mind that he was awake and and I’m just going to ask you guys to continue to pray for him for healing, complete healing for his brain, his heart, his lungs, every every ounce. I’m also going to ask you to pray for his wife, Leann and his daughter because having experienced bobby’s grand mal seizure three years ago when I’m laying beside this man and he stops breathing on me twice and all the panic and all the trauma. It took me months to be able to sleep well because I didn’t want to fall asleep, I was afraid it would happen again and this time I would lose him and I’m and I’m so I would watch and look, so I’m asking men and women that are listening to me right now in the coming weeks, please pray for the healing of Leon’s heart and her emotions in her mind that she can rest in peace. A supernatural peace that passes understanding that God is holding her tightly so that she can rest. Because post trauma in those kind of situations when you think you’re losing your spouse, um it’s a very real thing. So continue to pray for healing for dale, continue to pray for healing for Leon’s heart and mind Spirit, all the things and their daughter and their family.

[1:03:38] Emily: And while we’re praying for dale and Leanne and their family, I think this week for our open mic minute, it would be awesome if people could come leave us a miracle that they’ve experienced in their life for the opening minutes, it would be fun to hear stories and just celebrate the supernatural of God coming in and stepping into our lives.

[1:04:06] Lois: I love that. That’s a great idea because yes, because when we heard this, I just wanted to shout. I wanted to sing Maverick Cities song. I thank God. You know, I just like, I just wanted to sing and dance and rejoice. So I would love to hear. Wait, should we ask for dancing video? We don’t have a way to do that, or I would totally be about amazing. Yeah, that’s great. Yes, I love that. So, Emily tell our listeners how they can leave us. Um that miracle minute on our open mic.

[1:04:46] Emily: Yeah. Go to sister seeker dot com and click on the open mic tab, and then you can click on the most recent post to leave us a voice note. And also, I would love to give you guys an update on some things that we’re doing on the kind of on the back end of the podcast. One of the things we’re working on is getting transcriptions posted for each episode. So if you prefer to read it, or if you know someone who is hearing impaired, That they can enjoy the episodes two, and this has been made possible by our sponsor, scripture flips as well as our patrons on Patreon. We could not be doing extra things without them.

[1:05:38] Lois: We’re so thankful for them.

[1:05:41] Emily: Thank you so much for hanging out with us this week.

[1:05:45] Lois: We’ll see you guys on the flip side.