[0:00:00] Bill: Welcome everyone to the R. F. W. P. Seeking truth and finding God’s heart. I am your host, Bill Louis with my co host.

[0:00:12] Bobby: Hi Bill uh Bob McNair here 

[0:00:18] Bill: whose southern accent is so real. It makes brian Edwards sound fake.

[0:00:22] Bobby: Uh Yes it’s true. 

[0:00:29] Bill: We we me, Bill Louis and Bobby McNair. We have Pirated the R. F. W. P. Tonight for your viewing pleasure or listening pleasure, preferably listening for podcast sake. But we are glad to be here. We hope everybody is tuning in and ready. We are pumped. Lois Emily, who’ve called, told us to do this. We love

[0:00:49] Bobby: you. Bill,

[0:00:54] Lois: you are a stinkin natural. I

[0:00:57] Emily: did tell you he was he’s he’s like starred in a movie and done the acting bit.

[0:01:04] Lois: Okay, what’s the movie?

[0:01:07] Bill: The movie is taking chance with Kevin Bacon and a couple commercials for men’s formal wear. And then I’ve been in lots of plays. Did lots of theatre.

[0:01:19] Lois: Wait, you were in a movie with kevin Bacon?

[0:01:22] Bill: Yeah, taking chance. I have a little cameo appearance. It’s really cool. So

[0:01:26] Lois: You’re basically 6° from Kevin Bacon.

[0:01:29] Bill: I was but the bummer part was I was just scenery. Like literally I was an extra, I was just scenery But I’m in literally 10 or 12 scenes in the movie. It’s really cool to look for me in the orange hat.

[0:01:43] Lois: Oh, we have got to do that. Well when you say you were scenery, I was just wondering if you were like a tree or a

[0:01:49] Bobby: bush.

[0:01:53] Emily: I

[0:01:54] Bobby: was in a movie as well. Oh yeah, yeah, it was the the Jacob garden house life story. I was the delivery person for I don’t know Jacob garden house is an old missionary from many, many, many

[0:02:14] Lois: years ago. Yeah, we’re the international board of jewish missions

[0:02:19] Bobby: started. That’s right. And so I was the delivery person. I brought the flowers to the door and I don’t even, my face was shown on the video or not, but I gave it and left awesome.

[0:02:37] Bill: Okay. I’m like, that’s that’s real.

[0:02:40] Lois: I’m gonna make him tell you what else he and if he won’t tell you, I will tell you. But bobby used to model as well.

[0:02:48] Bobby: Okay. All right. Well it was back in the day when Kmarts ads were big time before walmart actually. And my buddy and I were asked to model coaching shorts. Remember coaching shorts?

[0:03:08] Lois: No, they were they were born yet.

[0:03:10] Bobby: Anyway, uh, we had our picture in throughout Kmart Stores.

[0:03:17] Lois: Wow, bobby was in double polyester coaching shorts all over the United States. And I don’t know if

[0:03:26] Bobby: it was all over the United States. I

[0:03:33] Bill: do you remember the blue light special at Kmart? Yes, yes. Oh man. I remember they were denounced it over the loudspeaker. Blue light special, lyle eight. Blue light special I’ll eight. And you just were like, what’s on aisle eight? Uh It’s cookware, I don’t know, I’m not going over there, but they had a blue light, it was great

[0:03:51] Bobby: flashing blue light, definitely. Yeah, it was cool. I’d get Aaron, there won’t be any room to get anywhere. People were gathered around.

[0:03:58] Bill: Yeah. Yeah.

[0:04:00] Emily: Oh man. Well we are so excited today. We are celebrating our 25th episode and that is just crazy because I mean we just met, You know, we rehearsed this story all the time, but I just love how we’ve become friends and been able to do this together and we’ve made it to 25 episodes I think. Like the majority of podcast don’t make it to 10 or something.

[0:04:32] Lois: Yeah, that’s what they read you and I um didn’t even meet a year ago, like, it hasn’t been a year since we knew that each other existed. So, so Bill, I have a question for you, okay, When Emily came to you and said, you know, want to do a podcast or, you know, with this girl that we’ve never met and, and then you guys were like, we need to meet face to face. And then the next week I was in Montana, what, what was going on in your head during that time?

[0:05:12] Bill: Honestly, my first thought being former F. B. Was, what does she believe?

[0:05:18] Bobby: I mean, I

[0:05:19] Bill: mean, is she like, she like jump up and down in church, you know, does she? Because she sounds different? I mean, and, and now I know that’s, that’s a very good thing. Um, and it’s just, you know, there’s 100 things going through your head because I mean, you were totally new and it was really fun because Emily listening to her describe you describe what you believe. And I was sitting here going, okay, either this is almost too good to be true because the two, you were just so very similar in just who you are, that I thought this is either a match made in heaven or this is going to explode all over

[0:06:04] Bobby: us.

[0:06:06] Bill: It really, I’m just, I’m just amazed at the way that you too, your friendship, what uh the confidence you have in each other, but also just um this really special friendship, I think that you have. And of course I have to. I mean, I’m part of this friendship to uh and very glad to be part of it. I’m just glad we found you. I’m glad that this worked out when Emily said she wanted to do a podcast uh for the R. F. W. P. I mean first my first thought was honestly, I’m honored, wow, What an opportunity! How cool would that be to represent the RFP family? And I was just really proud of her. And then I was, you know, the next thing comes as like, well, what happens when you get pushed back for what you’re saying on the podcast or or you know what happens when that happens? Because you’re going to have people that disagree with what you believe and and what you, your content and

[0:07:02] Lois: um wait, what people disagree with us?

[0:07:06] Bill: Maybe

[0:07:07] Bobby: occasionally,

[0:07:08] Bill: honestly. Lois you just tell them no and go on about their day and they’ll be fine. No, but it is it’s it’s um there was a lot going through my mind about just potential push back or or you know, you just never know when you’re live on a podcast, you’re like, wow, you’re reaching so many people, um hearing people’s comments, hearing people um talk about it is like, oh, this is this is your your your on you’re you have an audience. And that was I think the one thing that scared me the most was just the audience wondering how that was going to turn out.

[0:07:49] Lois: Yeah, well, I love the fact that you are so affirming of Emily and the podcast and um for those of you who maybe don’t listen enough to know that um Dad is a is a girl dad. He’s got four girls in that house and they’re all five and under and he’s the best girl Dad.

[0:08:16] Bill: I I do. I try to be, I I just love them to death. Um there’s nothing that they can’t do in my eyes and I couldn’t I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

[0:08:26] Lois: Well, they’re very lucky to have a dad who has stepped away from, you know, the things that had been being taught, your girls will never experience that, and I absolutely love that, so, and I’m glad to have my husband bobby here we have, we have been doing this gig together for 32 years, we just celebrated 32 years, which is older than you guys, like we were married before you were born,

[0:08:55] Bobby: right?

[0:08:59] Bill: I’m 36, I’m 36,

[0:09:01] Bobby: okay. He was four years old. We got married, okay, alright. You know, but it doesn’t really matter. I mean, the the relationships that are formed, we were in youth ministry for a very long time, and we still have, you know, dear friends who are raised in our youth group and, you know, have Children of their own and they’re just they’re friends of ours, and that’s that’s a wonderful part of the ministry has nothing to do with age, but just relationships. Yeah,

[0:09:33] Emily: I would love to ask, kind of, a similar question is lowest. But uh, I want to know what you said when Lois asked you permission, you do the R. F. W. B.

[0:09:48] Bobby: Okay. Uh, first of all, let me let me clarify. Alright, the qualification would be she didn’t ask my permission. She that’s my permission. I mean, we talked about it and uh, in talking about it, I know that her passion was to encourage women in the ministry, and she’s been she’s been in the ministry alongside me for 26 years in the ministry or so, and being alongside me, she was my biggest encourager. But in part of that, she was also the, the Women’s Ministry part of my ministry. So, uh I I always look to her too, to mentor the women in the ministry, to encourage them. I couldn’t do that as she could. And so without that I feel like my ministry would just be, you know, missing something. So she didn’t have to ask me. It was a it was one of those things in our relationship has been a partnership, you know, together in life partnership and ministry, partnership and live partnership wherever, so that um I definitely see her opinions and her take on life as that’s that’s part of me that encourages me and we can talk and we can chat and I can encourage her and and I know her heart and so her heart was too to see women grow and to be who they need to be in christ So I was like all for it definitely love it. That’s a good answer. And

[0:11:38] Bill: for the record for the record, my wife did not need my

[0:11:41] Bobby: permission. Amen. Amen. Amen. I just

[0:11:50] Lois: go ahead Emily. I

[0:11:51] Emily: just love, like you said, our men are just so supportive and affirming and are just amazing cheerleaders. Like guys, anybody recovering from fundamentalism, if you’re wondering how to be a supportive, amazing husband, look at these two guys, they’re a great example

[0:12:16] Bill: and definitely listen to bobby because he’s been the ministry longer. He’s older, much more wisdom there, talked to

[0:12:22] Bobby: bobby. We

[0:12:24] Bill: Shim at 5554

[0:12:27] Bobby: one. You know, bill, really the key is learning how to be quiet and to just just take it all in and and receive it and then mull it over. That’s just me. That’s how I how I respond. And then I’ll come back maybe a day or two later and she’ll go, oh, oh, that okay. I see what you say. And so we we have that back and forth. It’s years, years of training. I’m gonna get in trouble

[0:13:07] Lois: for that one,

[0:13:08] Bobby: right? I’m going,

[0:13:11] Lois: you know what, what, what is that? What’s that real? That’s going around um where the guys laughing and he and in the background, you hear him say, uh, we don’t care, we don’t

[0:13:25] Bobby: care. That’s what we don’t care. You

[0:13:32] Lois: know, I’m thinking maybe we’ll have to make that real people probably have no idea what I’m talking about. But anyway, whatever.

[0:13:40] Emily: Uh I have. I have one more question for Bill though. Yeah. Oh, it’s not a question. It’s a statement.

[0:13:52] Lois: He just rolled his eyes already. Here

[0:13:55] Bill: it comes. I

[0:13:57] Emily: remember as a kid, my dad got fired from his job as a road worker for theft. I refused to believe he could do such a thing, but when I got home the signs were all there.

[0:14:09] Bobby: I wish people could see your face if

[0:14:16] Bill: there’s a way to make someone feel, me rolling my eyes.

[0:14:21] Bobby: Dear

[0:14:23] Bill: podcast listeners feel my eye

[0:14:25] Bobby: rolling. That

[0:14:30] Bill: was positively brutal.

[0:14:32] Bobby: I’m with Bill that that is definitely a roll your eyes one right there. But you left. I kind of chuckled. It’s kind of like uh I guess I’m that was brutal. A

[0:14:50] Lois: firm Emily because we are we are preparing her for a dad joke face off with brian Edwards at the end of august And so do you have any dad jokes for her? Yeah,

[0:15:06] Bobby: okay. I told this to my kids for years. I’d ask them this question. What were Tarzan’s last words? Who agrees the vine? Uh huh. A they

[0:15:30] Bill: really who does that? Come

[0:15:32] Bobby: on,

[0:15:37] Bill: You know what? I was fine. I was fine with a joke. Wasn’t gonna laugh. Wasn’t gonna snicker. And then I started picturing a greased vine and trying to swing from it. No,

[0:15:46] Bobby: not gonna happen. Oh

[0:15:51] Lois: my gosh! Uh well we um just wanted you guys to be on for a few minutes at the beginning the podcast and and we’re going to have to do this more often because I absolutely love having bill and bobby on the podcast.

[0:16:10] Bill: Oh, me too. It’s really been fun. I mean, if you ever need me to co host for you sometime you guys take a vacation or

[0:16:16] Bobby: we I mean, co host. No,

[0:16:20] Bill: I mean, I’m sorry, volunteering me and bobby to co host for you on. I mean, there’s a lot we could bring to this show. Yeah, it’s true. I mean, you know whatever our wives tell us, but you know, we like to bring a lot to bring to the show. Uh, we can talk about God, guns and glory.

[0:16:46] Bobby: Okay, time’s up. Thank Alabama football.

[0:16:53] Bill: Yes, there it is a great Alabama. Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. You guys are, Yeah.

[0:17:00] Bobby: Remember

[0:17:02] Emily: the team

[0:17:02] Lois: you guys play football in Montana?

[0:17:05] Bill: Well, we do, but it’s be

[0:17:07] Bobby: rated

[0:17:11] Lois: well guys, Thank you for coming on.

[0:17:15] Bill: Yeah, yep. Thanks Louis, it’s a pleasure bobby. Take care

[0:17:21] Lois: you too. Oh my goodness. That was so much fun to have the guys with us. Oh, I think that’s the highlight of my week.

[0:17:32] Bobby: Uh huh.

[0:17:35] Emily: Oh, no, that was good. And that was fun. I think I really liked the plant that you bought this

[0:17:43] Bobby: week.

[0:17:45] Emily: Yeah. You have to tell everybody about it. I mean, I know they can’t see it,

[0:17:51] Lois: but they will, they will. Because I am going to post it on our social media

[0:17:57] Emily: because it’s

[0:17:58] Lois: just too you have to do just when I saw that plant. Oh, I can’t even think of the name of it. But it’s like spiritualists, something, something I was like I have I have never seen this plant in my entire life and I had to buy it and somehow I’m going to figure out a way to to buy one for you and to um get it to Montana. Yeah, but you’ll have to keep it inside so the snow won’t kill it. Right? Okay. So everybody about it. Yeah. So I’m I’m looking for some plants and some succulents the other day. And um and then I just said, you know, I’m just going to go look in this area and I came across this area with um grass, not like sod grass, but like quote unquote grass plants, you know the tall, thin this and that. And I came upon this plant that looked, I don’t know, it looked like it um came off of the set of Star Wars from or or Star Trek from 1970 to like, like it was used in the corner but it was blown up big on stage on the movie theater anyway, I don’t even know what I’m saying. Um But yeah, it’s this green plant that looks like it’s been given a perm and some of the perm didn’t take and some of the perm did take and it’s all these twisted spiral e um I don’t even know it’s not leaves, they’re just twisted in spiral and the longer they’re just like I

[0:19:53] Emily: twisted in on themselves, but then there’s some like kind of branched out, like they’re like they’re untwist ng the narrative.

[0:20:02] Lois: Absolutely, it was crazy. Yes. And and then I noticed like the longer that the plant stays there in the smaller pot the more it twists in on itself and so you’ve got to re pot it into a bigger pot so that the twists can go out and grow. I’m probably not doing a very good job of of mentioning this, but like the minute I saw the plant, I went oh my gosh, that’s our podcast plant mascot. Great blew my mind. I came home I face time to you. I’m like you have to see this plant. So yes, I’m going to post a picture of it on our social media. So if you want to see that picture, go over to any of our social media pages um tag us, let us know that you’ve seen the plant and then you’ve got to tell us if you’ve seen this plant before and find out if your store has it because it totally is an a twisting the narrative.

[0:21:16] Emily: Yeah so head over to at our F. W. P. Podcast. Check that out.

[0:21:23] Lois: Yeah. Oh my gosh yes so that was kind of my micro joy and then I explained it to the the lady at the store of why this plant was so important to me and she loved it. It was kind of a moment to you know kind of witness and and anyway she said I’ve never seen that plant before until they brought it in last week. I was just like I was meant to be awesome. Yeah it looks like a it looks like a perm and portions of the perm didn’t take portions of the perm look like Shirley temple and the other portions look like a spiral perm. You know it just sticks out everywhere. Yeah so it’s our it’s our new a twisting the narrative podcast plant. You guys are our podcast has a plant

[0:22:16] Emily: who I think were really cool.

[0:22:18] Lois: I think we’re super

[0:22:20] Bobby: cool.

[0:22:22] Emily: Uh Go I can’t believe that this is 25 episodes and always said that. But we we have some fun facts About the number 25. Just gonna have some fun in this episode and do a couple of things and We’re gonna start with the number 25.

[0:22:45] Lois: But by the way, happy anniversary At the anniversary. Our 25th Episode, Anniversary. It’s our silver episode Because you know 25th and and we survived. You know you said earlier you were telling the guys that that 8-10, like a lot of podcasts are done by 8-10. So I love the fact that we’re at 25. I don’t know who always listening. Uh huh. I still think we have some that are listening quietly and just not telling anybody that they’re listening. But and but then we’ve got you know Deanna Pan from Taiwan who posts every week as she’s taking her walk in this gorgeous environment and listening to our podcast. So we’ve got some cool things coming up to, yes we do this. So I’m super

[0:23:42] Bobby: excited.

[0:23:44] Lois: I don’t know if I want to tell them. Should we tell them?

[0:23:46] Emily: I think we have to tell them.

[0:23:48] Lois: I don’t know. Yeah. Okay go ahead and tell them.

[0:23:52] Emily: So guys we’re going to start bringing on guests to the R. F. W. P. Lois and I have taken some time to get to know each other. Um make sure, you know, we got our chemistry all figured out, get ourselves organized,

[0:24:07] Lois: that we didn’t make sure we didn’t want to break

[0:24:09] Bobby: up

[0:24:12] Emily: before we Oh, that’s hilarious. But no, um we’re going to bring on sister seeker stories and it’s going to be we have so many, we already have so many amazing ladies stories lined up to come share their story and Minister to you. It’s going to be amazing. So that’ll be about every third episode or so. Yeah, I’m

[0:24:42] Lois: so excited about that, I’m so excited. It’s going to be great Sisters seeker short stories.

[0:24:49] Emily: Mhm Yeah.

[0:24:51] Lois: Okay, so you said we were going to talk about number 25 and I derailed us to another other Section of comments. Um but yeah, so the number 25, You know, I looked up today, I was like, you know, let me see if there’s anything um specific about the number 25. So I googled, you know, number 25. Did you hear my google my phone? I I said something that my phone was like, can I help you? Um Uh

[0:25:28] Emily: huh You said I googled something

[0:25:31] Lois: Yes, don’t keep saying it because my phone will start talking to is okay. So I did. And literally the first thing that I brought up, all I did was put in the search engine um Things about the number 25 And there were 6320 million possible answers that came up. I’m like, yeah, I don’t have time for this tonight. But anyway, but one that I did find quite interesting, so whether or not you um believe that there’s some significance to numbers in the bible or whether you’re like, no, I’m not, I’m not into that. But I thought this was amazing because of what we try to share on this episode. But according to this Specific site, the number 25 stands for grace upon Grace.

[0:26:45] Bobby: No way. I was

[0:26:47] Lois: like, are you serious? Okay, Because it could have been like a gazillion things, but it’s like Grace upon Grace, which is your podcast. The things that you and I try to share on on this podcast, pulling people out of legalism and a performance based relationship with God into grace based relationship. So all right, So what it said is the number 25 stands for Grace upon Grace as 20 stands for Redemption, and five stands for Grace. So five Multiplied by five equals 25. So 25 means grace upon grace.

[0:27:30] Emily: My head is spinning, your

[0:27:32] Lois: head spinning. But

[0:27:34] Emily: but wait, wait, I was thought that five is the number of deaths. What not the number of grace. And I don’t remember where it all came from. Something about the the black horse in the Book of Revelation or something, but I remember it being like Number five is the number of death, Not Grace.

[0:27:54] Lois: So did your church really jump into all the numerology? Yeah. And so five with his death. So we’re going to redeem that number for you because five means grace, it doesn’t

[0:28:09] Bobby: mean

[0:28:11] Emily: uh

[0:28:13] Lois: and as far as the black horse, Yes, there are horses in revelation. But when you said that it immediately made me think of the store uh not store store, no song.

[0:28:25] Bobby: It’s

[0:28:28] Lois: too late

[0:28:29] Emily: for us to be doing

[0:28:30] Lois: okay. It made me think of the song Black horse and Cherry Tree. If you don’t know that song, you Have to look it up. Okay, so yeah, so 25 means Grace upon Grace. So now we’ve redeemed your number five meaning death. Like and now it’s it means Grace. I love it. Grace upon Grace. So we have done 25 episodes Or this is our 25th episode. So I thought it would be kind of fun to um give out some awards for our episodes. You know, they have these podcast towards now and they have this one this one this one thing calls them the the am bees to go like with the Emmys and the Grammys. Okay, but they were gonna originally, what I read, they were going to call it the Golden Mike awards. Okay, so um Since this is our 25th episode, which is our silver anniversary, we’re going to give the Silver Mike awards to the top five Categories of Our Episodes.

[0:29:55] Bobby: Perfect.

[0:29:58] Lois: Okay, so, um I would love to hear from everybody else though. You know, sometime this week on social media, go and tag aske, go to the podcast, give us a review. Tell us what your favorite episode was. That’d be awesome. Okay. The most cringe worthy episode. Uh

[0:30:31] Bobby: huh. Oh no

[0:30:35] Lois: it didn’t necessarily have to be the whole episode. But things that were talked about in the episode, the most cringeworthy episode award goes to episode number four. Episode number four. Where we read the dues and the dotes for feminine manners from a college classroom.

[0:31:00] Bobby: So

[0:31:02] Lois: episode number four gets the silver most cringe E cringeworthy episode. Do you remember that episode?

[0:31:11] Emily: Yes, I had a friend reach out to me too and she was like dude she didn’t say dude

[0:31:17] Lois: I would have said

[0:31:18] Bobby: dude,

[0:31:21] Emily: she says I my family followed those. I was wow. Yeah.

[0:31:28] Lois: Okay. Yeah the dues and don’t for feminine manners. So the next silver Mike award goes to the most comedic episode. You have any guesses Emily.

[0:31:46] Emily: Oh, it’s got to be episode 15. Hands down

[0:31:49] Bobby: our

[0:31:51] Emily: individual experiences in the I. F. B. It was just too funny. Yes. I think the

[0:31:57] Lois: whole thing, I think I laughed more on that episode. Um And I will honestly never let you live down the fact that you guys studied aliens on sunday morning at your

[0:32:09] Bobby: church.

[0:32:12] Emily: That was sunday night, sunday night, sunday

[0:32:16] Lois: night. Okay. Right okay. So um the next Silver Award goes to the most controversial episode. You’re just shaking your head with your eyes

[0:32:35] Bobby: closed. Okay.

[0:32:40] Lois: Can you guess?

[0:32:42] Emily: Oh I I know it it’s episode

[0:32:47] Lois: number 20.

[0:32:49] Emily: Mhm.

[0:32:51] Lois: Is modest hottest.

[0:32:55] Emily: Yeah, for sure. I really appreciate it. We even had people reach out and say, hey, I didn’t agree with everything you said, but I really appreciate you taking the time on that. Of course we had people agreed with it too. But yeah, it was controversial for sure.

[0:33:10] Lois: Yeah, that one definitely had um, a little bit of a polarizing effect, but it was a touch. Yeah. But I felt that it was important. But yeah, So that definitely gets um, the Silver Michael word for the most controversial. Yeah. All right. And we have two more awards to give out to our episodes. Okay. Um, the most difficult episode. Mm I would say in terms of content.

[0:33:54] Emily: Uh huh. Any guesses? No. Okay,

[0:34:03] Lois: well, and it’s just my take on it. But I feel like the most difficult episode, Um were episodes nine and 10, part one and 2 of dress standards, purity, culture and sex. Mm hmm. And the reason I chose this for the Silver Award was because that really stirred up my anger when I began to hear the stories and the things that women had to endure. You know, we reached out, we said, you know, tell us your stories, tell us and it the injustice of it, the shaming of these women. Um and just the whole thing. So for me it was the it was the most difficult episode just because it really stirred up my anger. And um that one took me a little while to calm down from, even though I may not signed sound angry on the episodes. But it was just like, yeah, So not necessarily fun one a necessary one. But and then this is going to be bad grammar just telling you ahead of time. But the very last Silver Mike Award episode goes to the most best this experience

[0:35:38] Bobby: episode.

[0:35:42] Lois: Uh you have any ideas?

[0:35:46] Emily: No, actually fastest experience.

[0:35:52] Lois: You know the most bestest experience, pardon

[0:35:57] Bobby: me.

[0:36:00] Emily: Okay, drum roll.

[0:36:07] Bobby: Mm

[0:36:08] Lois: It was our inaugural episode when we were face to face.

[0:36:13] Bobby: Ah

[0:36:14] Emily: yes.

[0:36:16] Lois: And we got to meet each other face to face Record, face to face. It was our first Recordings. We recorded two episodes while I was in Montana. And because we were together in the same room, so that goes to episodes one zero and one zero and 1. So yeah, so those are your silver Mike episode awards for the evening. And the crowd goes,

[0:36:53] Bobby: yeah,

[0:36:55] Emily: you know, I am so thankful that people are listening. And um, I love to read some of the reviews because I don’t think we’ve done that on the show maybe once, but read some of the comments because we couldn’t still be doing this, y’all if you weren’t listening. So we really appreciate that you’re here. And if maybe you have missed some of the episodes, go check out the Silver Award winners.

[0:37:24] Lois: Yes, definitely. And we are so grateful. I’m so grateful and thankful that we get to do this and that we get to do this journey with you as our listeners. So thank you. But yeah, I’d love to hear some of the reviews and comments from Being 25 episodes in.

[0:37:47] Emily: Yeah, Okay, so this one this review says, and is back from March. So, um, she says so much truth in just these first few episodes, I am excited to go through each topic with you and learn from the bible. Thank you ladies for leaning into the Holy Spirit and letting him lead you through the word and helping us all to understand God’s love in a deeper way. Mm I’m honored. That that’s what somebody says because that it’s our goal, right? But that’s that’s a high calling. Yeah. Um, this other one says listening to episode 15. I grew up so similar to Lois our home church in the U. S. A. Is I. F. B. And isn’t like this much now in 2021. Oh, that’s good. After getting married and moving overseas to serve the Lord with my husband. It took many years for Me to realize it’s not all about appearance took me till age 45 to wear a tank top. Ha ha keep on going on. You are a blessing too many. I think. I know who wrote that one.

[0:39:02] Lois: I love that. That’s uh Speaking of tank tops. Yes. Right. Yeah. Don’t forget we were working on that, but tank tops are definitely going to be in our merch store. Yes.

[0:39:19] Emily: Yes. Yes, yes.

[0:39:19] Lois: Yes. Okay. Sorry, I wanna interrupt anymore.

[0:39:23] Emily: And then this next one is a comment that we received because people tmS or you all guys are in boxes open. You can send us stories if you want to or comments. We love hearing from you. This one says I wanted to thank you both for this podcast. I finally got around to listening to the first episode while I was getting ready for church and I was immensely encouraged at my current church. I haven’t felt welcomed or loved on by the women of the church. They are kind and friendly but there is a real nous that I have been craving listening to you to talk this morning as you were. So real honest and open was so refreshing. I love the fact that I can listen to a podcast run by christian women who truly care about the people they are talking to due to some circumstances I will be at my current I. M. B. Church for a little longer. But listening to you two this morning greatly encouraged me. Thank you again. Mm wow. That’s so kind. Dis thankful. Very kind. Yeah. And then this next one is from a guy.

[0:40:32] Lois: Yes. People guys do listen to our podcast. Yeah. Except your husband’s

[0:40:38] Bobby: oh

[0:40:40] Emily: we’re gonna spill

[0:40:40] Lois: it, spill the beans. Um Just kidding. They do listen.

[0:40:45] Emily: Uh He said he was talking to somebody else and he said if you aren’t listening to the R. F. W. P. As well, I highly recommend it. I listen every single episode and even though I may not be the target audience, those ladies perspectives and the truth bombs they drop every single time are so great. That’s that’s that’s just so nice uh of people to say that

[0:41:10] Lois: and love that.

[0:41:12] Emily: Get a blessing.

[0:41:13] Lois: Yeah I love that. You know the that’s really affirming to to hear those things. To hear people’s hearts and we take it very seriously to um make sure that what we are presenting, of course we’re going to be silly and funny, but that what we’re presenting on a weekly basis is is valuable and we do our best to follow the leading of the Holy spirit and what he would have us share. And so I’m very grateful to hear Yeah, to hear those things. That’s awesome.

[0:41:58] Emily: So this episode has been a little bit different. It’s been fun to bring on our husbands and then share some of those fun things. And we’d like to take some time to affirm you who are listening and speak some truth in life over you. Give you something you can, you can listen back to if you want to, you can, you can close your eyes and just not if you’re driving, but you know, yeah, uh just receive some truth being spoken over you, that is grounded in scripture and grounded in love. So Brianna and the episode um with some affirmations in some biblical truth. So this first affirmation is you do not have to accomplish anything to be worthy of rest. Exodus 14 14 says the Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still or you can hold your peace.

[0:43:09] Lois: Affirmation # two. You are worthy of love because Of Romans 5 8. But God demonstrated his love for us and that while we were still sinners, he died for us.

[0:43:30] Emily: Mm Affirmation Number three. God will fight for you. Zafaraniya 3 17 says the Lord, Your God is with you, the mighty warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you in his love. He will no longer rebuke you but will rejoice over you with singing

[0:43:58] Lois: number four. God promises to be with you. So move forward with strength and courage, Joshua 19 Have I not commanded you be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid for the Lord. Your God is with you wherever you go.

[0:44:27] Emily: Number five you are seen nothing. You are going through is too much or too small to matter to God Genesis 16 13 says she gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her. You are the Lord who sees me for she said I have now seen the one who sees me.

[0:44:51] Lois: Mm Elroy The first name given to God. That was episode # four. The story of Hagar. You haven’t heard the Yeah, me too. Me too. All right, # six, God will always guide you and direct you. He won’t leave you to figure things out on your own Psalm 1 39 9. If I rise on the wings of the morning, you are there. Mm And if you go on, if I make my bed in shell, you are there. Even if I go to the far side of the sea, they’re your hand will guide me.

[0:45:46] Emily: Mhm. And # seven, God is a safe place, place of rest Matthew 1120 through 30 says come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest, take my yoke upon you and learn from me. For I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Uh huh.

[0:46:21] Lois: Number eight he will correct you if he sees you are straying, but he will lead you back psalm 23 the first few verses. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want, he makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in the paths of righteousness, for his name’s sake.

[0:46:57] Emily: Mm Number nine, He’s got it all under control and you don’t have to figure it all out. Do it around me. 31 8. He says The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged.

[0:47:26] Lois: And number 10, he is mighty. You don’t have to bring your own strength to the table Ephesians. Chapter six, verse 10 says be strong in the Lord and in the power of his mic.

[0:47:47] Emily: So that’s That’s the 10 affirmations we want to leave you with and help guide, your get your week guide your day with some truth.

[0:47:56] Lois: Yeah, I love that. But I have a question because This is our 25th episode. But we’re only doing 10 affirmations, I Thought So. Are we done with 10 affirmations?

[0:48:13] Emily: You know, we are because you take the two and the five in the number 25 2 times five is 10 five each. There you go.

[0:48:27] Lois: Some numerology for you. Oh, gosh, we’re back to

[0:48:30] Bobby: that

[0:48:34] Lois: guys. We are so thankful and grateful for you for listening and for sharing our podcast with others. Um you know, we’re just if it were not for you, we wouldn’t be here. So thank you so much.

[0:48:54] Emily: And one of the things that we, our heart for the R. F. W. P is to minister to people outside of the I. F. B. To anyone, anyone who has been exposed to a religion that leaves you feeling a little bit dry or you feel like you’ve had to work hard and strive in order to merit God’s love and acceptance. This podcast is for anyone who wants to untwist the narrative and get closer to God’s heart. So yeah, we love it, we’re so thankful that you’re sharing it. Yeah with all of your friends guys, gals, I have been on my FB

[0:49:39] Lois: you know, a lot of people don’t know what F means, even if they grew up in it, they were like, so what are those letters? I’m like, look, you grew up in an independent fundamental baptist church. I’m like, oh that I F. B. But like you said, it’s not just about that because there are so, as we have said before, legalism and that type of performance based faith knows no denominational barriers, like it goes all the way across. So um yeah, we just want to minister to as many people as the Lord will allow us to and we’re thankful to be in the position that we’re in to be able to do that. And it’s because of you guys, So thanks.

[0:50:29] Emily: Yeah. And we will be back Next Week with Episode 26, Our Very First Sister Seeker Story Episode.

[0:50:40] Lois: So exciting. That’s great guys. Thanks for hanging with us this week. We love you and we’re grateful for you.