[0:00:26] Emily: Hi there friend and welcome to the R F W. P. Where we are seeking truth and finding God’s heart. Today I have a special interview for you with Kendra Conkle, who is the founder of scripture flips and we get into a little bit of the story why she started scripture flips and I want you to hear the heart behind her ministry and business this week, it is just me and Kendra on the show, but next week you will hear from both Lois and I, as we will be back, we’ve both had busy weeks her with a lot of work travel and we all know how crazy extra crazy travel is right now and we just are getting settled into our new house and moving and all those things. So this episode is one that did air on abundant grace. So you will hear a reference to that a couple of times I think in the course of the interview as always, be sure to go to scripture flips dot com and check them out and use code R. F W P 20 for 20% off of your order, Kendra has been such a generous sponsor of the R. F W. P. So make sure you go check out Scripture Flips.com and use code RFWP 20 for 20% off your order and here is today’s show. Welcome to the show Kendra, thank you for joining me on the abundant Grace podcast.

[0:02:06] Kendra: Uh Oh Emily, thank you so much for asking me, I have been looking forward to today and I’m just so excited to be here. Thank you.

[0:02:13] Emily: Yeah, absolutely. So could you please, in your own words, tell us who you are and what your dreams are and what your mission is.

[0:02:23] Kendra: Oh my goodness, How long do you have? Um well, Kendra Conkle and uh my husband and I actually just celebrated 16 years um on October 2nd, We are living in Angleton Texas. We’ve been here for 11 years. My husband is a worship pastor. We came here for his for his job. Um I was born and raised in Nebraska and I’ve lived a few different places kind of all over the country. Um goodness, my, the heart and soul of my focus right now is really my business, scripture flips and that’s what I’ve been pouring myself into. Um I’m a graphic designer by trade and so I’ve worked in that industry ever since college and I’ve loved it. I’ve been blessed to love, you know, love my career. Not everyone can say that, but several years ago, um I got the idea through a certain situation to start this business and I know we’ll get into that, but scripture flips is my heart and soul. And so that’s my passion and I’m excited to tell you about it.

[0:03:32] Emily: Yeah, good, sounds great. I’d like to start with a couple of quick questions just for fun. If you could put anything up on a billboard, what would it be?

[0:03:43] Kendra: Oh wow! If I could put anything up on a billboard, what would it be. Gosh, I think the most important thing that I would want to communicate to everyone is to try to help them understand how much God adores them and that he wants us to abide in his love. That word abide I think is so important to us as believers and to learn how interactive our God is with us. And so many times people think of of jesus just as a sunday morning God and he’s just not. I I would figure out Burbage for um For abide. Something like um maybe something like John 15 9 just as the father has loved me. I have also loved you abide in my love. I think that would be fantastic. Of course we have to work on the graphics and I’m all about that. So we could, we could, we could totally pull that together,

[0:04:56] Emily: pull it off. I love that. Mm It’s good just to abide rest in him. I hear him telling me so often to just be still be still and abide in his love. That’s beautiful. Mm hmm If or what is what is your like favorite verse or something that you go back to? Often

[0:05:23] Kendra: I’m glad you asked that I actually was just thinking about this today. Again my my verse. You know the kind reverse the one I say that is that I tried to stand on his proverbs 35 to 6. Uh trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, acknowledge him in all your ways and he will make your path straight. Um, I feel like this is a verse. I’m always learning lots of times people choose their verses and it’s, it’s one that they’re just really, they can stand on, they get it. It’s solid. It’s like this is like the lens they see you know life through and all of that is awesome. But I feel like this is a verse for me that I’m always continuing to learn, learning to trust more, learning to go deeper learning to let go of my own understanding. I mean it’s always before me. God keeps showing me how to learn and live this verse. So that’s mine. Nice.

[0:06:23] Emily: It’s a good one. You can’t, you can’t really exhaust any of them.

[0:06:27] Kendra: Exactly.

[0:06:28] Emily: That’s good. Tell me about you coming to jesus. When, when were you introduced to him and what made you realize that you needed him? Mm

[0:06:43] Kendra: I was blessed to a grow up in a christian home. I had parents um, uh, that I have a sister and a brother and we were always in church. Sunday school every weekend. It was a very big part of our lives. Um, and so I know a lot of people can’t say that and I am so grateful for the awesome parents I had growing up that God was a big part of our lives growing up. Um, but when I have, I have to say, when I got out on my own, when I graduated from college and I moved away and I, you know, started to try to figure out what is Kendra’s life like on my own. Um I realized that I had a disconnect and um I, I had just some, like all kinds of thoughts and feelings kind of running through my mind and my heart and kind of welling up inside me and I’m just, you know, I got my first job right out of college and I’ve got my own little basement apartment and I’m so growing up and thinking I’m, I’m figuring this thing out, but at one point I was driving one day and it just got to be too much and I was just overwhelmed and I felt broke like this is not it, I’m not where I should be and I couldn’t answer that question. Um and so I actually started just bawling and I pulled over and I knew God was drawing me to himself, I, I stopped and I said, I can’t do this Lord, I know what you’ve done for me, you died for me, I know how much you love me, just take over, I need you, you know, thank you, jesus for your sacrifice for me, you’ve made a way for me to have a relationship with God please come into my life, take over, make me new and that was like in my early twenties, and so it was at that point that I started to really own my faith and really grow and realize and got in his awesome goodness would bring people into my life um cross paths and you know, they would teach me, you know, I had a fantastic pastor and I was just like a sponge every sunday morning and I was growing, you know, like my friend, you’re growing like a beautiful flower, she used to tell me it was funny corny, but so nice. Um and she uh would spend time with me in the word and just point things out to me and I started to really understand how God has a real relationship with us daily with interested in the details and guiding us in all things, not just someone to pay attention to on Sundays when we turn our attention, you know, two what we do in church and that’s awesome. Church has a fantastic place in our spiritual walk in our spiritual life, but it’s not the only part of our faith walk at all. No, that’s that’s where kind of everything changed for me was at that moment. Mhm.

[0:09:50] Emily: Yeah, so I love that she, your mentor was able to teach you the things that you needed to make it more personal to you.

[0:10:00] Kendra: Yes, she used to um just open like we’d go to church together and afterwards she like, hey, I want to show you something and she’d open her bible and she point out some scriptures, like I was just reading this yesterday and I really felt the Lord wanted me to show you, so I want to show you this and she’s like, see how really is and my eyes started really open to, I just started started to click, I started to get it that, you know, christ is in us, you know, when we’re born again, we have the holy spirit in us and it is a lot he is alive and his word is alive and that relationship always continues to grow as he draws us to himself. So, um, it was, it was a fantastic time in my life and everything was new. It was just, I look on that only, you know, I think

[0:10:45] Emily: back, yeah, it’s life changing to get ahold of that relationship for yourself.

[0:10:52] Kendra: Absolutely, yeah, understanding the unconditional love. I know you speak about that often um uh, there’s, there’s nothing more powerful than that. There’s nothing more important than darting to grasp God’s unconditional love for us. We don’t earn it, We don’t deserve it. We can’t get there. We can achieve it. It’s not, it doesn’t work that way. It’s grace and love period,

[0:11:18] Emily: right, yep, period. You got it, you said

[0:11:21] Kendra: it.

[0:11:23] Emily: So what inspired you to start scripture flips,

[0:11:30] Kendra: Yeah. Um, it was about four years ago, I was at work and received a call from one of my best friends and she was in a really bad place. So she was just kind of panicked honestly, um struggling emotionally um and just kind of crying out for help and it obviously broke my heart and she knows jesus, she’s a believer and it really got my attention first of all, I wanted to be there for her and we talked a lot and we prayed together and we talked about taking control of our thoughts and making them obey christ and not letting the things that might scare us or or um get us discouraged to control our thoughts and making them submit um to the Lord and so I tried to help her focus on those things and we like I said we prayed together and then yeah, you know hung up the call and she was better, but you know my heart was shattered that this was so, such a difficult time for her and I just was so shaken by it that I immediately went to the Lord and I said God I’ve got to do something, I want to do something, I want to make a tool for christian women that when we are in times like this season’s like this big struggle, like there’s no way I can get through this God, you know when it seems too big for us and we can barely even get our thoughts together to make a complete thought. Um I want something tangible for us as christian women to hold in our hand. That is is you, it’s all scripture, it’s your promises and and I just said what is it? I’m doing it, I’m doing, I’m doing something and I want it to be you. So you know, then over over the next several days, the next several weeks um I kept going to the Lord about it started to kind of form an image in my mind of what what eventually became scripture flipped and the the the main thing I wanted to do is I was really the woman that I’m thinking of when I created scripture flips is someone who needs to focus on one thing. So if somebody is um scared or panicked or dealing with a lot of anxiety or something like that, I was like what what are, what is the message? What are the words that if they can read verse after verse after verse of God’s word about this thing that their focus will be on what gives life and not paying attention to what is scaring them or what is controlling. And so the first scripture flip that I created is called beloved and each one of the scripture flips has like a little statement, a little prayer on the cover and there’s one main word. So the whole title is he calls me beloved and I felt like that was the most important thing that I could communicate to a woman who was in the situation my friend was is when everything else seems crazy and out of control and hopeless and help us, You’re going to focus on how much Jesus loves you and what he did for you and that he calls you mine and so page after page after this 20 pages and each flip and I just wanted to getting that message across because it trumps everything. Understanding how much God loves you, adores you, unconditionally trumps everything. When you can focus on that, you can start to make some progress. So that’s where we started.

[0:15:25] Emily: I love the message uh that is in beloved and that’s the reason I wanted to bring you on this podcast is when I read your story of scripture, flips, how you started it resonated with me and the message that I want to get to my person, the person that I want to serve

[0:15:44] Kendra: is

[0:15:46] Emily: who jesus says you are should trump everything, but we need that message preached over and over to ourselves because

[0:15:55] Kendra: we forget so

[0:15:56] Emily: easily and that’s why having ah flip that, you can put on your car keys or keep on your desk is just perfect.

[0:16:07] Kendra: Thank you. I’m so excited, I love how um convenient the flip is purposely made it small so it’s easy to stick in your purse, it’s, it’s easy to keep in your car, on your bedside table in the bathroom, wherever you find yourself and you for any spare minute, you can flip through it and re focus on those things that we need to hear over and over again. So, yes, I’m glad to hear that you like that aspect of it. Cause that was intentional, intentionally made. You know, this small, convenient, super cute size. Yeah.

[0:16:43] Emily: Yes. So what is your favorite? What’s your favorite flip? Or do you have a different product that you would call? Your favorite? Mm

[0:16:52] Kendra: No, the scripture flip is definitely my favorite. Um I do have some other products that kind of were a natural outpouring of that and you can see those on my website. But um uh the beloved flip is always going to have that special place in my heart. It was the first one God showed me. It was the first, it was the launch into this business, this ministry, this organization. And like I said, it trumps everything, you know, understanding and reading one scripture after another about how much God loves me. He doesn’t get better than that. I mean, that is the foundation of our faith and we build from there in our relationship and our intimacy with the Lord. So I love it. I love it. Um yes. Um it’s funny though, every time I create a new flip, we’re up to 12 right now. 12 different collections. I always have a tendency to think that this might be my favorite, but after taking a step back and looking all of them, I just think, you know, beloved is it? It’s probably always going to be my favorite, I actually love the artwork in it as well, each of which has different graphics, um that kind of go along with the cover, the theme and the graphics that we use in the beloved flip are like water color splashes. So it’s very vibrant and alive and beautiful and, and kind of abstract and um I just think it’s a great way to kind of back up those verses about God’s love for us.

[0:18:28] Emily: Sure, yep, I love that. Yeah, so where can people find scripture flips and where can they connect with you?

[0:18:39] Kendra: Okay, I have an online store at scripture flips dot com and um I am actually always looking for local retailers right now. I’m in about 11 like ladies boutiques and flower shops and stores like that that are close to where I’m at in southeast texas, but we also have one in colorado, we have um have another one in League City. Um so I put it out there several times, but I would love for anyone whose lives all over the United States to reach out if they know of a gift boutique or a flower shop, any kind of store that you think would be interested in selling scripture flips, let me know, reach out to me or have them reach out to me and I will definitely contact them. I will would really love for this business to be nationwide and I think it will be, but it kind of takes having those contacts. So, if any of your listeners can think of a cute little gift boutique in their own hometown and you wish that you could just run over there and by scripture flips, send me the information and I will be happy to follow up. I think that would be great. Thanks.

[0:19:46] Emily: That’s exciting. I can’t wait to see how far you take this. And you

[0:19:51] Kendra: know, it’s all God, he’s like opening the doors. He’s paving the way. Um, oh, you asked, how else can people find me? I’m on, I’ve got a scripture flips, facebook page and also we’re also on instagram. Everything as scripture flips. So scripture flips dot com and facebook and instagram, it’s all scripts of super easy to find. I try to tell people. I think it’s a great idea to have some on hand. Just get a couple to keep in your car because I’m a firm believer in the more we’re equipped, the more God provides opportunities for us to reach out there. His love and minister to others. The scripture flip is a really easy way to do that. So I just encourage people to, you know, be ready, be ready to love others. Well, yes,

[0:20:39] Emily: thank you Kendra for coming on and I can’t wait to see where you go next.

[0:20:45] Kendra: It was my pleasure. Thank you so much Emily. I just loved it. Thank you so

[0:20:50] Emily: much. Yeah